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Produce section of a grocery store. Right: Shopping cart in a supermarket.

Produce section of a grocery store. Right: Shopping cart in a supermarket.

Saving money has been an ongoing conversation for people in Ontario, especially when it comes to their weekly groceries.

Statistics Canada released its monthly consumer price index (CPI) in September, which shed light on inflation in Canada and the rise in grocery prices.

In August, Canada saw the cost of groceries rise at the fastest pace since 1981. The report stated that the prices of food purchased from stores in August went up 10.8%

With that in mind, people on Reddit have been sharing different ways to save money while grocery shopping.

Here are seven grocery shopping tips for people looking to save a few bucks this year:

Using the Flipp App

One of the most popular suggestions on Reddit is downloading the Flipp app and finding deals there. You can clip your coupons online and use the app to search for products to find the city's lowest prices easily.

Also, it makes price matching a lot faster.

Additionally, you can digitally add your loyalty cards, which means you'll be able to access your rewards wherever you are.

Reduce meat in your diet

Another suggestion for those looking to both save money and eat consciously is to cut meat out of their diets. Meat products are usually among the priciest items on people's shopping lists and its overconsumption is arguably not so great for your health (or the environment).

Place things in the freezer

If you have a freezer, people on Reddit are suggesting buying food on sale to freeze and store for a longer time. This idea works well for items like meats, fruits and vegetables — you'll be able to make meals and smoothies for days.

Use Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is an app where users can make cash back on gas and groceries. You can browse the app for offers, upload the receipts, and once the purchases are confirmed, a credit will be added to your account. "When your account balance reaches $20, you can cash out and we'll mail you a check," they said.

Shop on Tuesdays

If you're a student, shopping at Real Canadian Superstore on Tuesdays might be a great option to save money on groceries. If you have a student card, you can show it to the cashier and receive 10% in PC Optimum points. Then, when you have enough points, you can redeem them to save money on future purchases.

Buy No Name products

Most of the time, No Name brands have the same quality and flavour as any other brand. Someone on Reddit suggested sticking with this option to save at the checkout. In recent news, Loblaws announced that they are placing a price freeze on its No Name products till January 31, according to Global News.

Asian supermarkets have cheaper prices

According to various Redditors, Asian supermarkets typically offer lower prices in comparison to big grocery store chains.

Someone said, "Asian supermarkets have cheaper prices on certain items like produce."

However, another pointed out that they "noticed that even though this is the case for produce, it's not necessarily the case for packaged things (even those imported from asian countries)."

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    Mira Nabulsi
    Toronto Associate Editor
    Mira Nabulsi is an Associate Editor for Narcity Canada’s Ontario Desk focused on cheap travel from Toronto and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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