7 Guys You'll Find On Tinder In Toronto And Where They'll Take You

Hey girl...are you the ROM? Because every angle is your good side.

Toronto is a Tinder goldmine: the most populous city in Canada, full of young students with newly-bestowed independence and plenty of bars to meet strangers from “dating” apps.  If you’re a Toronto Tinderella whose been swiping in the area, you’ve definitely come across profiles of these seven types of Toronto men.

1. The Kensington Market Hipster

If you walk through Kensington or far enough down Queen West, you’ll find where all these dudes are hiding. As the stereotype suggests, this guy will be wearing plaid in at least one of their pictures, sporting a beard and/or man-bun (Armando here is very honest about his man-bun situation) while posing casually in front of a graffiti wall. Also, chances are he will talk to you about the indie band he is part of and subsequently question your taste in music.

Where he’ll take you: To a coffee shop and/or vegan restaurant in Kensington Market, Imperial Pub or Dance Cave.

2. The Ryerson/UofT Engineer

Every one in five male Tinder profiles in Toronto is an engineering student; any female who has swiped through Toronto can attest to this ratio. Whether it be UofT or Ryerson, you can be sure that they mentioned they are an engineer in their bio. We get it, you’re smarter than us!

Where he’ll take you: Einstein Cafe & Pub, but only when he’s not busy studying.

6. The Toronto Team/Out Of Town Hockey Player

Hockey players are another common sight in the Toronto Tinder scene. Whether he is on a college team from the city or an out of town school that is downtown for a game, you can bet to find his profile full of hockey pics and his entire team’s roster a few swipes behind him. If you’re lucky you may even stumble upon an NHL player.

Where he’ll take you: Not to one of his hockey games if that’s what you’re thinking, that’s what girlfriends are for. For a first date he’ll probably take you for drinks at The Madison or Grace O’Malley’s.

7. The Digital Dreams Raver

Toronto has a great EDM scene, and as a result—ravers unite. You can tell he’s a raver because in all his pictures he’s decked out in neon and they were all taken (in the rain) at Digital Dreams or Veld even if those festivals happened months ago. You definitely have a downtown nightclub as a shared interest and it is clear that he accessorizes with glow sticks.

Where he’ll take you: He’s a promoter at Sound Academy and he can get you and your friends in for free.