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7 Highway 401 Memes That Are So Accurate It Hurts

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7 Highway 401 Memes That Are So Accurate It Hurts

As most Canadians who live or travel in Ontario will know, there’s a certain kind of untold horror that comes with driving anywhere on the 401 Highway. As one of the world's biggest and busiest highways, it isn't for the faint of heart, and completing any kind of journey without delays can sometimes feel like a victory in itself. If you’ve ever been on the infamous 401, these painfully accurate Highway 401 memes will make you laugh, and probably cry, both at the same time.

As North America’s busiest highway, it’s unsurprising that the 401 gets super busy and super congested, but there’s something about the 401 that seems to bring out the worst in literally everyone. That said, when a 45-minute journey ends up taking you six and a half hours, it's hardly shocking that people hate it so much.

Naturally, driving on the 401 is a real-life nightmare for most people, and we all have different ways of dealing with it. Some listen to calming podcasts, others are forced to meditate, some just get out and play soccer in the middle of the highway, and others, others just use memes.

After a deep-dive into Canadian social media, here are some of the most painfully accurate Highway 401 tweets, memes, and pictures on the internet right now ... 

If You Want To Be On Time, Leave Yesterday

Start with the amount of time that the journey should take: add one hour, add an additional hour, add 35 minutes of stress-crying, add another hour, that’s how long your 401 Highway journey will actually take.

I Would Wait 500 Miles

This is the only true test of love in Canada. If they’ll do it, marry them. If they won't, it's understandable.

Constant Construction

The original lyrics to the Jonas Brothers' Year 3000 were "I've been to the year 3000, not much has changed but Highway 401 is still under construction."

It's Character Building

You learn a lot about yourself when you’re stuck in your car alone for eight hours, not moving. For example: How long you can actually cry for, how many different swear words you know and how long you can make one little, tiny sip of lukewarm water last.

The Challenge Of All Challenges 

“The 401 is where they weed out the weak. You don’t do it to get somewhere, you do it for the challenge… Rush hour 401 is like the breaking point between heaven and Earth… ”

Not A Meme But A Mood

If you haven't said this at least once, or screamed it, or cried while thinking it, you're not doing it right.

Monday Motivation

If you want your kids to work hard in school, take them on the 401 at 5 p.m. Tell them if they don’t get a well-paid job they’ll have to do this every single day. They’ll get a well-paid job.

For anyone driving the 401 today, I'm sorry. I hope this helps.

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