Guys are hard to shop for. 

They don't have a Pinterest "wish board", or constantly send you photos of these "super cute shoes" they just saw at Eaton's Centre. When you do try and approach the subject, they either state that they don't need anything (lies), or mumble out an "idunno", and you're left with little to work with.

We're here to make your holidays a tiny bit easier, with this list of unique gift ideas, all that can be easily bought in our beautiful city:

Photo cred- Station Cold Brew 

1.Cold Brew Coffee from Station Cold Brew

For those skeptics that don't believe that cold brew is better than regular iced coffee, you've never tried Toronto's own Station Cold Brew. The super crisp taste with no acidic bite at the end will have any coffee-loving boyfriend over the moon. You can buy individual bottles all over the city, but to really give your S/O something that will remind him of you daily, get him two bottles of their concentrate that he can mix with milk, water or even booze! Find it here.

2. Oyster Gift Shelltificate from Rodney's Oyster Shack

A giftcard may seem like an easy fix for you boyfriend-gift problem, but something about it just seems impersonal. So step it up a notch: at Rodney's Oyster Shack, you can preorder a beautiful and unique oyster shell that is hand-decorated by Rodney himself. This oyster shell can be redeemed for whatever amount you decide to make it, and can be used for a romantic dinner for two at the restaurant. Oysters are an aphrodisiac after all ;). For more info, click here.

Photo cred-@YoSox

3. Socks from Yo Sox 

Socks are literally the most practical gift you can give. EVERYONE needs socks, which includes your BF. But why get boring black socks when there's so many more options out there? Get socks that reflect his love of golf, or tacos, or beer, or moustaches at Yo Sox, which has unlimited colour and design combitnations. Check out their flagship store on Queen West, or order online here. They will even have their own booth at the Union Station Holiday Market, so you can pick-up a last minute gift during your commute.

4. Mr. Candle from Yummi Candles 

Get your guy a mandle (man-candle) and it will change his world forever. Candles are the amazing little trinket that set the mood, make your house smell nice, and honestly, just flat out make you happy. While all candles are great, maybe a vanilla-bean scented one might not be quite right for your S/O. Instead, try this "Mr." 40 hour candle from Yummi, a local store just at Queen and Bathurst. It comes in 5 masculine scents like "Mr. Nice Guy", "Mr. Clean Cut" and "Mr. Smooth Talker", to fit whatever personality your guy has.

Photo cred- FreshBrewedTees

5. Blue Jays Ugly Christmas Sweater

Your guy might still be a little heartbroken over the loss of the Jay's this season, so remind him of the good times with this hilarious Joey Bats Ugly Christmas Sweater. This gift will be the talk of any holiday party he attends and every time a person compliments him on it his response will be a smug "Ya, my girlfriend got me that". 10 Points for you! You can order it HERE.

Photo cred- Facebook

6. No. 7 Hot Sauce

For those of you trying to spice things up with your man (I'll see myself out now), why not give the gift os flavour? This locally-produced gift is perfect for the foodie boyfriend, or if he just really, really likes tacos. The hot sauce comes in 7 different levels of spiciness and can be purchased at Trinity Bellwoods Flea, taking place the 19th & 20th of December.

Photo cred- Instagram

7. A Year Subscription to The Brew Box 

Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like. You will win girlfriend of the year award with this gift hands down, because who doesn't like locally crafted beer being delivered to their door monthly? Each month features approx. 4L of craft beer per box, as well as varying merchandise from the brewers.