7 Iconic Campus Streets That Throw The Best University Parties In Ontario

A university's party scene is almost just as important as its academic reputation. Part of a student's decision to attend a particular university is based on how balanced the campus life is there. In order to be able to enjoy the typical university experience in its entirety, there needs to be a favourable mix of business and pleasure.

In Ontario, there exists a collection of iconic streets near university campuses that offer the 'pleasure' part of that mix. Here are 7 of them, in all their vibrant and spirited glory:

Note: Campus parties are a fun and quintessential experience of university life; however, excessive rowdiness and uncontrollable behaviour is not encouraged. Please party responsibly.

Aberdeen Street

Queen's University

The most notorious parties to have occurred at Queen's University took place along the famed Aberdeen Street. Homecoming and St. Patrick's Day celebrations have taken place there over the past few years, and they often got so out-of-control that local police had to shut them down. Broken bottles, lawn fires and flipped cars are just some of several the chaotic incidences that have been reported previously.

The university and local police have enforced much stricter rules and punishments regarding celebrations along Aberdeen Street. As a result, the house parties have become much tamer; however, they still carry on today if you're looking for an off-campus affair.

Albert Street

University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo isn't known to be a party school at all, but because it's situated near Wilfried Laurier University, it's still able to get a little taste of the party life.

Students living in houses along Albert Street often hold keggers throughout the year that may not be the craziest, but for Waterloo students, they're better than nothing. If you seek a wilder experience, head over to Albert Street during major events like Halloween and St. Patrick's Day.

Broughdale Avenue

Western University

When it comes to parties, Western University reigns supreme. As manya s 10,000 students fill the street each year to participate in annual homecoming celebrations. The unsanctioned boozy street parties have become so turbulent that the university moved its homecoming celebrations to October, when students would be more occupied with midterms and assignments.

However, there's bound to be live house parties going on in and around campus every week. As Canada's representative on Playboy's best party schools list, we can expect no less than that from Western.

Chapel Street

University of Ottawa

Ottawa's cozy neighbourhood of Sandy Hill consists of the infamous Chapel Street, which has become the site of booming house parties over the years. The street fills up with student revellers particularly during St. Patrick's Day, and has caused quite a bit of controversy due to a bombardment of noise complaints by local residents.

Although new programs have been put in place to control the boisterous activity, students still flock Chapel Street throughout the year to get their party fix. The parties are more subdued nowadays, but they're still just as fun and enjoyable.

Ezra Avenue

Wilfrid Laurier University

Arguably the most iconic party street Ontario is Ezra Avenue, which hosts the biggest and baddest St. Patrick's Day celebrations in the province. Over the years, the massive street party has become a somewhat unwritten tradition, with over 15,000 students attending annually.

While the riotous music, excessive drinking and rowdy behaviour has slightly declined due to increased monitoring by the Waterloo Regional Police, St. Patrick's Day celebrations at Ezra Street still continue today and is a must-try social experience for university students across the province.

Glenridge Avenue 

Brock University

Glenridge Avenue is known in the St. Catharines area as a party hotspot for Brock students. A slew of complaints by neighbours over noise and dangerous activities like 'brewfing' (drinking beer on roofs) has given the street a notorious party reputation, especially during St. Patrick's Day.

However, on a normal weekend, the parties that occur on Glenridge and Jacobson are typically tame and low key. If you're looking to party, there's bound to be at least one party going on each week that you can crash.

St. George Street

University of Toronto

Where there are frat houses there are usually parties. Such is the case with St. George Street, the University of Toronto's very own fraternity row. Being situated in the heart of downtown Toronto makes it a prime location for party-goers who seek a balance between city night life (it's right by the Madison) and the low key vibe of a house party.

In years past, the frat parties have often gotten a little chaotic and have caused some run-ins with the local authorities due to noise complaints. However, some residents are actually pretty cool about the crazy parties: "The fraternities were here first," one resident said in defence of the frats.

BONUS: The Village

York University

Despite being a commuter campus, York University still has a teeny tiny inkling of a party scene. The Village isn't a street but rather an agglomerate of townhouses that partly serve as off-campus housing options for students. While there aren't exciting house parties happening every week, the area is a good place to try your luck during special times of the year like Christmas or St. Patrick's Day.

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