Honestly, Toronto is the best place in the world to call home. We've got tons of fun festivals, places to eat and party, spots to discover, and - let's be real - we've got the best vibe in the whole country.

But it can get a little bit expensive to live here. Getting into all the awesome things Toronto has to offer isn't cheap, but, as we all know, it's totally worth it!

Still, if you're looking for a way to be kind to your bank account while still living it up, then don't worry. Here are 7 life hacks to make your Toronto life as smooth and as fun as possible.

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1.  Get an annual membership to Bike Share Toronto.

If you bike literally everywhere, but aren't down to actually buy a bike and officially become a cyclist, then you've got some great news coming your way.

For $90 a year, you can get unlimited access to Bike Share Toronto's bike sharing service. Without a membership, access costs $7 a day... I mean, you're smart. I think you know what the best deal is.

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2. Ditch the expensive plastic water bottles and check out the Quench app for spots to cop free drinking water in the GTA.

Ever want to save the earth while putting away some cash? No? Well, welcome to your new life goal.

The Quench app hooks you up with the water bottle refill station or fountain closest to you. So all you've got to do is acquire the prettiest reusable water bottle you can find, get the app, and prepare to knock one more life goal off your list.

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3. Get a (free!) Toronto Public Library card.

Literally, if you do not have a Toronto Public Library card just yet, you need to get one. Now.

The card lets you download movies, music, and ebooks; borrow books, music, and movies; reserve computers; and borrow a Museum & Arts Pass, which gets you in to Toronto museums for free. Plus a whole bunch of other cool, fun, and totally free stuff!

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4. Download the Transit app. Trust.

Because sure, the TTC is reliable... but can anything ever be too reliable when it comes to showing up to your BFF's party on time?

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5. Check out the TorontoFreeParking website and never pay for parking in Toronto again (probably). 

This site is an interactive map of all the free parking spaces in Toronto at any given time... AKA, literal gold to anyone and everyone who has ever driven a car in Toronto.

And, hey, if the struggle of getting around Toronto without a car is too real for you, no worries. TD offers a super flexible Personal Line of Credit, meaning you can totally accomplish all of your car ownership goals... and you won't even have to think about parking. That's what they call a win-win situation.

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6. Find creative spots to do your groceries.

Don't just stick to brand-name grocery stores, guys. Let's be honest here: food is food, and if you don't tell anyone you saved a whole bunch of money this week by shopping at No Frills, then nobody will know the difference.

Protip: hit up Chinatown and farmer's markets (shoutout to Kensington Market, btw) for your weekly produce selection. Oh, and prepare to slide headfirst into all the money you'll be saving.

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7. Get a line of credit.

Toronto is one of the best cities in the world. But you don't need to go legit broke trying to enjoy all the awesome things that the city has to offer.

A line of credit can not only let you enjoy all the fun, food, and diversity that Toronto has to offer, while also moving towards your life goals. It's equally great in case of an emergency. If your house needs to be renovated, for example? No stress. TD's Home Equity FlexLine can totally help you out.

TD has many different lines of credit available to you to help you enjoy living in Toronto as much as you possibly can! Check out more information on their Home Equity FlexLine here, or their Personal Line of Credit here.