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7 Maxime Bernier Tweets That Made Lots Of People Angry

He's certainly controversial at times.
7 Maxime Bernier Tweets That Made Lots Of People Angry

The federal election will soon be underway and Canada has been carefully watching the potential candidates. One of them, leader of the People's Party Of Canada Maxime Bernier, has been known to say a couple of things on Twitter that rub people the wrong way. His straight-edge approach and blunt comments have led him to be the subject of retaliation, and these 7 Maxime Bernier tweets are a great example.

If you watched the first leaders' debate, you'll probably have noticed Bernier was not in attendance. According to a CBC article, Bernier's People's Party has not yet met one of the criteria to participate in the televised debates. So, your best bet for his stance on political issues, at least for now, is checking in on his Twitter.

Some of the below tweets were posted as part of a thread in which Bernier discusses his views on climate change, Canadian values, and the "Far Left." Whether or not these were taken out of context, they sure ruffled a lot of feathers on Twitter.

Whether it's comments about Swedish teenage environmental campaigner Greta Thunberg, diversity, or gender fluidity, Bernier has certainly made himself known this year.

Here are seven examples:

Quebec-born Bernier, who two years ago finished second to Andrew Scheer in the Conservative leadership race, founded the People's Party in September 2018.

Whoever you do decide to vote for, make sure you educate yourself on the issues that matter the most to you.

You can keep up with the projections for October's election here.

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