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7 Most Romantic Things Drake Has Ever Done For His Girlfriends

Making the world turn their head to the side and look at Drake differently.
7 Most Romantic Things Drake Has Ever Done For His Girlfriends

The hotline is blinging, Steph Curry is making that shot, people are running through the 6ix, and Drake still continues to be the ultimate modern romantic. Launching all the feels off the catapult that is his hot tracks, this Toronto icon knows exactly how to win his love over. And that comes with all the complexities that come with modern love. Rumours of cheating, possible GFs - the usual gossip that people make their money off of.

And with all that romance that comes with all the complexities that come with our fucked up world of dating. Rumours of cheating, possible GFs - you know, the usual gossip that people make their money off of. BUT WE AIN'T BOUT THAT DRAMA RIGHT NOW.

We're looking at what this rapper's soft side (the side that proclaimed, "I can still get you wet, I can still make you laugh") and the outrageous things he has done for his GF's. With lines like "You don't even have to ask twice, you could have my heart or we could share it like the last slice", who wouldn't swoon? Front seat for the Raptors and we're in the front seats for your heart Drake. Feel free to find our loving if you're picking up what I'm putting down.

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1. When Rihanna won the 2016 MTV VMA Video Vangaurd Award Drake bought her a billboard.

Well, this makes our greeting card look a little basic, whatever. The sign read, "Congratulations to Rihanna from Drake and Everyone at OVO". Riri played it cool and calm while the rest of the world went into fangirl mode, to this day I'm still waiting for my billboard.

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2. Drake dropped $100,000  on a diamond necklace for  J.Lo

Minimum 16 carats with pear-shaped diamonds (because you know, he likes his girl BBW). For when the sweat pants hair tied chilling with no makeup side gets worn out we assume.

3. Flew Cat Washington to Toronto so they could hang out.

Usually, I have to make at least one line change on the TTC or trek through some kind of cold weather warning to get to my bae, but you know, not salty about it.

4. Posted this photo with Rihanna, again telling the world that she's da one.

Simultaneously, we finally listened to Justin Timberlake and cried him a river.

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4.  Gave credit when credit was due to his OG love in the track, Look What You've Done.

We all know Drake has had his share of girls over the years, but he invoked all the elementary school style emotions when he brought us back to 06'. "I'm in love with Jade, And I'm still in love, just when it's that real is when it doesn't fade", WOAH. Everlasting love is always extravagant and fantastic in our books, and Drake nails it with this.

5. Declared his love for Rihanna, in front of millions of people around the world when he presented her with the MTV VMA's Jackson Video Vanguard Award in 2016.

So essentially, he took every ounce all the feels from every single romance novel, sonnet, poem, painting, picture, and saga - and gave it to Riri (and the world) in under 3 minutes. Seriously proving that when Drake said, "I'll be there for you, I will take care of you", he wasn't f*cking around.

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6. Went on a date in disguise to Disneyland with Tyra Banks.

That is PURE magic.

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7. Got matching tattoos with Rihanna.

That sh*t is forever. Temporary tattoo? We'd be sketched out, but this is some full blown commitment level to a life long connection.

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