7 Of The Weeknd's Favourite Spots In Toronto

He may be a global mega-star, but he still visits his hometown.
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7 Of The Weeknd's Favourite Spots In Toronto

From Scarborough to the top of the charts, The Weeknd has dominated the music industry in record time.

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And while he may be a global megastar, he still frequently visits his hometown, stopping everywhere from $5 sandwich shops to luxury restaurants with $1,000 steaks.

But while many downtown celebrity visits don't go unnoticed, The Weeknd's stops in the 6ix often come and go quietly (unless he has ex Selena in tow).

So if you're hoping to bump into him (or any of his famous friends), you may want to head over to one (or all) of these seven spots in Toronto that have been proven hits with Starboy:

Thompson Diner

Where: 550 Wellington St. W. // Entertainment District

Back when Selena and Abel were loved up as #Sleekend, they visited Toronto and the internet completely freaked out. Thanks to a few hardcore fans with camera phones, we were able to follow the then-couple's every move, and that included dining at Thompson Diner. eTalk Canada reported that The Weeknd ordered the chicken and waffles and Selena ate egg whites, shaved ham, potatoes and white toast from the 24-hour restaurant.


Harbour Sixty Steakhouse

Where: 60 Harbour St//Harbourfront

After their date at Thompson Diner earlier this year, Selena took a brief jaunt away from the 6ix only to return and spend more time with then-beau The Weeknd. The two ended up at Harbour Sixty Steakhouse near the Harbourfront, and with a reasonably-priced menu (other than the 4-figure steak and wine list), Harbour Sixty Steakhouse is a top choice for anyone who wants to dine fancier than their wallet allows while still keeping money in the bank. Plus you may even see The Weeknd there (sans Selena Gomez of course).


Where: 668 King St. W. //Entertainment District

Back in March, ex-couple #Sleekend were also snapped outside Blowfish restaurant on King St. West in Toronto, where sources say they 'got cozy' in a big booth and dined on wagyu steak, sushi and shrimp.


Mod Club

Where: 722 College St//Toronto

The Weeknd performed his first real show at the Mod Club back in 2011 and he's been a regular ever since. While Mod Club isn't exactly a restaurant, it does sell alcohol, so if liquid lunches are your thing, head over to the Mod Club for some great music and the chance to spot an award-winning artist or two.


California Sandwiches

Where: 244 Claremont St//Liberty Village

California's hot-veal sandwich (breaded veal, deep-fried and served on a kaiser bun with tomato sauce and hot peppers) is a favourite for The Weeknd, according to Billboard. The original frill-less location in Little Italy is the best spot, but with 13 other family-owned locations, there's a shop in pretty much every major Toronto neighbourhood.


Apt. 200

Where: 1034 Queen St W// Toronto

This popular lounge-meets-club is a hotspot for celebrities everywhere and a favourite for The Weeknd. The Queen West hangout is where after-parties for the Weeknd’s concerts are usually held, so if you're looking for a spot to casually bump into Abel and his famous friends, this would be a good bet.



Where: 455 King St W// Toronto

Drake fans will know that the 6God-owned Fring’s is a classic choice. The restaurant is run by The Weeknd's sometimes-rival Drake and his favourite chef/good friend Susur Lee. While this restaurant is bucket list material for any Drizzy fan, the spot may be optimal for bumping into the 'Starboy' too.

If all else fails, just head into Scarborough where Abel Tesfaye grew up before he was The Weeknd, and where his mother still lives.


And, of course, Toronto Reference Library and the University of Toronto's Scarborough campus

Where: UTSC//Scarborough

Back in July, The Weeknd paid tribute to two Toronto architectural gems — the Toronto Reference Library and the University of Toronto's Scarborough campus. Though it's probably unlikely the Grammy-winning artist will visit these two places again, it's a nice spot to stand in and think: "The Weeknd stood here", if you're into that sort of creepy behaviour.

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