7 People Were Shot In Toronto Over The Long Weekend, Here's What Happened

If you live in the Toronto you are probably already well aware that the city is currently being plagued by gun violence.

It seems as though each week someone is being killed or injured in the city, police data says that there has been over 200 shootings this year.

And in devastating news, this weekend was not exempt from the continuing gun violence, as nearly 10 different people were shot during the long weekend. 

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The grand total for the weekend is a total of 7 people being shot. 3 of those people were shot on Saturday on Queen Street West.

2 of those people died and the third had to be taken to the hospital.

Canada Day itself was worse for gun crime though, with 4 people being shot in Kensington Market. All of them managed to survive the shooting though. 

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Toronto’s mayor John Tory has spoken out after this weekends violence with a statement saying that he expects “police will do everything possible to root out the thugs responsible for this violence.”

He also says that the city is in the process of hiring 200 more police officers before the end of the year so there will be more cops on the streets. 

Bail conditions need to be tightened up for people arrested for gun crimes as well, says Tory. Currently, people arrested for gun crimes can get bail and be back out on the street too easily the mayor says. 

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Ontario’s new premier Doug Ford says he will be meeting with police officials to help come up with a solution to the violence. 

Source: CBC