So it's finally your birthday and you can't figure out what you want to do. You're not into the whole party scene so you're not really feeling bars and clubs. You don't just want to do a plain old birthday dinner because you do that every single year with your girlfriends. This year, you want to try something new and different. Whether you're a summer baby or a winter baby, here are various places to celebrate your birthday if you're not a party girl.

1. Have a bonfire at the Beaches

If you're lucky enough to have a summer birthday, pick up some drinks at the LCBO on Queen and walk on over to the beach. You can even roast marshmallows and dip your feet in the ice cold water.

2. Hit up a rooftop patio to see the skyline

Get a stunning view of the city while enjoying some cocktails with your friends. It's 'bout time you got a CN Tower shot on your Insta! You probably even saw photos from The Porch all over your Instagram feed this past summer.

Photo cred – Snakes & Lattes

3. Play some board games at Snakes and Lattes

Spend a day playing board games with your friends while sippin' on lattes and snackin' on sandwiches. It sounds like a simple idea but how often do you get to play board games with your friends?


Photo cred – Boris Kasimov

4. Travel back to the Medieval Times

Travel back to the Middle Ages and become a Lady for your special day. You get a free dinner for your birthday plus you get to watch knights fight and do medieval stuff. Ye olde lady.


Photo cred – @shay.ansari

5. Go museum-hopping in the city

Feel like doing something a little more cultured? Write a list of galleries or museums you want to check out and visit them all in one day! Check out Aga Khan, Warhol Revisited, the ROM, the AGO, or whatever floats your boat. Art is life, yo.

6. Go go-Karting at Polson Pier

If you don't mind getting bruised and battered, try go-kart racing. Also, if you host a birthday party here, you get to ride for free!


7. Try the Edge Walk at the CN Tower

What better way to celebrate your day of birth than something that brings you closer to death? Just kidding. It's completely terrifying but if you're an adrenaline junkie, you do you girl.