So, you've been single for awhile, or you're fresh out of a breakup, and you've decided you're ready to embark on a new adventure in the Toronto dating scene.

But, it'll take some effort to find someone worth keeping.

In a city of reserved, egoistic young people, it ain't easy to find good dates. While there are many great things about dating Toronto guys, there are also plenty of struggles that go along with dating dudes from the 6.

If he's from Tinder, you'll wind up disappointed.

Let's be real – every Toronto person has used Tinder at some point or another. If you've been on dates with any Tinder guys, you know how disappointing the majority of them are, for whatever reason. Tinder's meant for other things.

Getting smothered in beard.

Toronto guys seem to love their beards. I ain't complainin', but those prickly little hairs tickle and prickle the heck out of you.

You will rarely go out on dates.

Rent and living expenses in Toronto are pretty damn high. Ain't nobody got spare money for dates. You'll spend more time at each other's places rather than actually going on dates.

You will go to the same generic date places you've been to before.

Ripley's Aquarium? Jays game? Distillery District? Been there, done that. It's best to just go places you haven't been to with previous dates. Creativity is key.

Photo cred – Ika Ink

He most likely doesn't have a car.

And neither do you. Date night via the TTC.

He probably doesn't want to settle down for awhile.

Toronto has too much to offer for a young good lookin' to settle down. Don't expect him to settle down 'til he's at least out of his 20s.

They don't grow up.

Toronto dudes in their 20s seem to act younger than they actually are. Will they ever grow up? You will have to wait and see.