When you're in a committed relationship, a major fear you may have is whether or not those who love you, love the one you're with. We have all heard the horror story of significant others and parental units not getting along.

It is important to make an effort to notice whether or not your parents approve of your boyfriend at an early stage. This way, you can fix the problem as soon as possible in hopes of him still having a chance.

Here are some signs to look out for that show your parents approve of your boyfriend:

1. He gets the major invites.

This is a huge one. If your parents want him at the big events such as: Christmas, Grandma's Birthday, or Thanksgiving dinner, you know they see him as part of the family.??

2. They compliment him.

If they have something nice to say about him, chances are they like him.??

3. They ask when he's coming over.

If they want to know when he's coming over next, it's hopefully and probably because they enjoy his company.?

4. They make fun of you with him.

A perfect time for parents and boyfriends to bond is when they band together to make fun of you. It sucks, but at least you know they are getting along!?

5. Your dad and your boyfriend will have conversations for hours that you are too bored to be a part of.

It's both boring and annoying when your dad and your boyfriend get to talking about random stuff for hours on end. However, it's actually a really good sign because it means your dad likes him enough to have long conversations and spend time with him.?

6. Your parents invite him on a family trip.

Family trips are meant for serious family bonding time. If they want him to come along they see him as part of the family and are okay spending a large amount of time with him!✈️

7. They tell you they like him.

Most parents that approve of your boyfriend will let you know. They don't want anything but the best for their children and will speak up in the even they don't like who you're dating.?

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