There are certain words that must be left unsaid, especially when it comes to getting frisky in the bedroom. Gentlemen, I understand things can escalate very quickly and it's hard to contain your excitement, but you have to have a filter when it comes to speaking  your mind.

I would like to confront you about some big no no's that come frequently come out of your mouth.  They can end up being a serious turn off, lead to an unnecessary argument and make your lady vanish into thin air. Stay away from the following expressions as far as you can and get them out of your head:

1. Stop doing it like that.

It can be very offensive when we are being told there's something we're doing the wrong way. During the moment things are suppose to run smoothly and your blunt confrontation can end up hurting our feelings. Women are very emotional as we all know, try and find another way to tell your lady what you like in the bedroom. Take control and change the position. For example,"can we try doing it this way?" as in oppose to "not like that."

2. Haha.

How can you laugh during sexual intercourse? What is it we're doing that is so funny? The bedroom is an intimate place, especially when you're getting it on. Save the jokes for another time and don't laugh at us. It's a different story when a "haha" comes out because something is actually funny but don't make it a routine.

3. My ex did it this way...

Wtf? Why is your ex-girlfriend in the current picture ? How did she pop up into your head? Was she better then me? You still want her. All these questions and thoughts start running through our head. Ex's shouldn't be spoken about in general, especially in the bedroom. This is a big no no. Discover something new that both of you are into, not a fetish you had with your ex in the past.

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4. Let's have a threesome/swing.

Many guys fantasize about having 2 girls at the same time, we get it. Others want to couple swing. Stay away from this request. It will make us think we are not good enough for you because you want someone else. How would you like it if your girlfriend asked to have another guy in the bedroom? If this is a huge fetish of yours, keep it to yourself and choose the threesome category on pornhub.

 5. You're no fun.

What the hell is that suppose to mean? Just because we have opposing sexual preferences doesn't mean she isn't willing to something else. For example, many girls do not feel comfortable taking it from the different entrance. This does not mean she's no fun, she's just not into it. There are other options the two of you can explore, perhaps your lady has a special talent!

6. Can we film it?

She isn't a porn star and no there is no reason for you to capture the moment. If the thought crosses her mind she will suggest the idea. But to be honest, most women are paranoid this piece of evidence one day will come out of the closet.

7. Let's just get this over with.

Stop being so selfish, when she's done it will be obvious. Just because you are ready to end it off, does not mean the girl is. There are times when both of you agree on a quickie, but when your girl is on fire and feeling wild in bed, don't rush her.

There are many other things women don't like to hear in the bedroom. The important key to relationships is communication. Learn how to speak you mind in a respectful manner.