If you're a York student you'll most likely see fragments of yourself in this article, but if you just want to know more about York from neither a tour guide or “This Is My Time” ad campaign perspective even better! This article is for my fellow York University Alumni and those lucky enough to still be York students.

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1)The Term “Yorked” Is Extremely Familiar

Eventually everyone gets Yorked at York. Even if the term was never properly explained to you, either your friends or maybe even you have experienced what it really means to be Yorked at York. If a course that’s 100% mandatory part of your program was full 2 or 3 years in a row, or it has a prerequisite that for whatever reason is extremely tough to get, or the Financial Office prevented you from getting important stuff such as your diploma or other valuable items, for a prolonged period of time, because of overdue fees, you've definitely been Yorked before. York University is a well organized bureaucracy so you can only get what you want if you pay your fees on time and follow every single instruction that’s necessary, in order to have access to the courses and services available on campus. Unfortunately technical glitches and office hours sometimes make the process of following instructions challenging.

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2) You Associate The Word “Ab” With Drinking

If you went to York chances are you either hung out at the Ab, know someone who spent time there, or it at least came up in conversation. It’s a happening place for beer, coffee, and milkshakes, located in the Winter’s College basement, with reasonably priced menu items, darts, and big screen TVs so it’s definitely a highlight of the York student life experience.

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3) You're Familiar With The Phrase "If You Can Hold A Fork You Can Go To York."

There's an Urban Dictionary definition, and multiple memes about it, and all it takes is a quick google search to find them.That doesn't really make it more or less true, you probably don't think it's true, and you might have even laughed about it once or twice.

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4)You Remember, And Have Walked By GoSafe, Aka The Friendly Student Security Team In Red Vests

Although York has gained a bad reputation thanks to its history of safety issues the friendly Go Safe employees, in red vests are a comforting presence. If they didn't walk you to the bus or your car, perhaps they walked someone you know to the nearest bus stop or their car, or you at least passed them at night, and felt a little bit more certain that you're not going to be the subject of the next York Safety Bulletin.

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5) The Village Is Associated With Apartment Living

If you went to York you know what The Village is. It’s a student apartment complex that’s walking distance from the York University Keele Campus. If you went to York you either lived in The Village, or met someone who lived in The Village, or you at least passed it on your way to class.

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6) You've Had Discussions About York's Liberal Arts College (Glendon) And People Think You're talking About London, England

If you went to York there’s a 50% chance that you either went to York’s Glendon Campus or took at least one class there, or you at least met someone who went there. You mention Glendon and people are like: “really: London? As in London, England?”

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7) You Will Always Remember This As The One Time In Your Life When Theatre Festivals Were Associated With Fridges and Playgrounds

What other time in your life can you associate theatre with the term “going to Fridge, or The Fridge,” (Glendon), or “going to The Playground, or Playground,” (Keele)? Never, literally never!