Some of us just aren't summer people (yes, we exist). While everyone else rejoices that the warm weather has finally arrived, we sit and scowl because we know the next few months are going to be one hell of a sweaty ride.

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If you're like me and you thoroughly enjoy A/C, wearing layers and (most importantly) not sweating, then these places might interest you:

CHILL Ice House // 82 Bathurst St

CHILL Ice House is definitely a one-of-a-kind bar in Toronto. The lounge is basically made up of solid blocks of ice, so you're definitely going to want to wear something warm when you visit. Even their drinks are served in ice glasses! Parkas and gloves are yours to borrow at the bar, and a warming room is available in the back for people who can't handle the cold.

Alpine Indoor // 1248 Dundas St E

Alpine Indoor is a complex in Mississauga that is open 365 days a year. The facility features two Maxxtracks indoor ski slopes - a type of conveyor belt that simulates going down a ski hill. You can learn to ski or snowboard, or simply brush up your skills for the winter season. See their website for more details.

The One Eighty // 55 Bloor St W

Aside from having one of the most stunning patios in the city, The One Eighty also whips up a mean icy cocktail. Their cold beverages are sure to please you whether you're a summer person or not! Choose from a wide selection of mixed drinks, including their Electric Lemonade (limeade, blue curacao, Hpnotiq, and white cranberry), and their house signature The Fifty One (ice cream, kahlua, Baileys, Godiva white chocolate).

Centennial Skating Rink // 8600 McCowan Rd

Skating isn't just a winter activity at Centennial Community Centre! The complex offers skating lessons as well as leisurely skate times at its indoor ice skating rink. Grab your skates, lace up and shred some ice at their facility on the weekends.

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Four Seasons Mist Garden // 60 Yorkville Ave

The Four Seasons' Mist Garden won't only keep you cool, but it'll make you feel all bubbly inside. And that's because of the gentle mist that's sprayed throughout the garden every ten minutes. As you walk through its winding pathways and view the rose art by one of the buildings' walls, you'll feel like you're in some sort of romantic movie or something!

Cryotherapy Toronto // 4646 Dufferin St

Cryotherapy is probably an extreme way of keeping cool, but it certainly gets the job done. It works like this - you put on a pair of special shoes to protect your feet from frostbite and you enter a cryosauna chamber that encloses your body from the neck down. A nitrogen mist at a temperature of -160 degrees Celsius will then be applied to your body for 3 minutes, causing your blood to circulate through your core to cleanse your toxins. Your body may be numb to pain for 6 hours, but after the recovery your newly oxygenated body will have improved metabolic rate and hormone function! See Cryotherapy Toronto's website for more details.

Cooling Centres // Various Toronto Locations

When all else fails, you can always visit a cooling centre. The City of Toronto typically opens designated cooling centres only during extreme heat waves, but even when there's no heat alert in place, these centres are bound to be some of the best air-conditioned venues around. Some of these cooling centres are also primarily community centres, so why not bring a gym bag while you're at it? You can find a list of cooling centres in Toronto here.

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