7 Things You Need To Know About Marcella Zoia, Toronto’s Chair Thrower

She wanted to become a dental hygienist!
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7 Things To Know About Marcella Zoia, Toronto’s Chair Thrower

Since pleading guilty in November, Toronto's "Chair Girl" has been charged with mischief endangering life after tossing a chair off of a highrise condo building onto the Gardiner Expressway. The 20-year-old could now be facing up to six months in jail, depending on her sentencing, which is set to take place on February 7, 2020. However, she wasn't always known as Chair Girl. Here are seven things you need to know about Marcella Zoia. 

Her case has been revisited several times over the past year. She was initially set to appear at Old City hall back in August. However, her case was ultimately put over before finally taking place on November 15, where the Toronto icon made headlines for pleading guilty. 

Now, the infamous Toronto figure could be sentenced to jail time depending on the Crown.

Greg Leslie, Zoia's lawyer, confirmed on January 14 that his client is feeling "very anxious” about the outcome of her much-publicized case. 

While it seems the case is shaping much of her life, Zoia has undeniably become something of a Toronto icon over the past year. 

However, her case has followed closely behind her. Chair Girl's lawyer revealed last year that her pleading guilty could halt the internet icon from travelling for her modelling career

Her modelling career is only one of the many things you may not know about the young woman.

1. She Was Training To Be A Dental Hygenist

It was reported last March that Zoia had been expelled from the school where she was studying dental hygiene as a direct result of media attention and charges.

2. She's Instagram Certified 

Marcella Zoia's Instagram account received official verification. She got that exclusive blue tick a little more than a week before her final sentencing hearing.

3. She Was Featured In A Drake Video

Zoia was spotted in a short cameo in Drake's music video for his single "War." However, she was later removed after the rapper faced swift backlash over her inclusion.

4. She Models In Miami

Zoia missed a court appearance back in August due to a conflicting modelling contract in Miami.

5. She Got Tested For Drugs

Zoia took a drug test in May of 2019. The test ultimately proved that she wasn't using drugs, specifically, cocaine after a video clip posted on her personal Instagram appeared to suggest otherwise.

6. She Became A Meme

Zoia became a viral sensation after her chair-throwing video first broke online, and, well, Twitter was quick to take advantage of that.

7. She Was Forced To Live With Her Mother

After the chair incident, she was released on bail in February 2019, under the conditions that she would live with her mother.

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Toronto Staff Writer
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