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7 Things You Really Need To Know About "Black Friday" In Toronto

Be prepared because you will literally shop until you drop.
7 Things You Really Need To Know About "Black Friday" In Toronto

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Black Friday is every holiday shoppers best friend and worst nightmare simultaneously. With the last Friday of the month comes the official kick-off of holiday shopping season. It happens the 28th to be exact and with a week to go, preparation is vital. There are too many sales and too many places to hit up so you've got to get your shit together well in advance.

Black Friday has been a massive American shopping event forever, we're sure you've seen the chaos transpire online, and in recent years, as more and more American retailers started popping up across Canada, it's become much more popular in our neck of the woods. Luckily, we don't get as bat-shit crazy about it as they do in the US, but it's still important to know the facts, here's everything you need to know about Black Friday in Toronto.

1. WTF is "Black Friday" Anyways?

Other than hilarious videos of Americans being trampled, what the eff is Black Friday all about? As mentioned, Black Friday has been an American phenomenon for as long as time, however, we've recently started to participate, with each year seeming more invested than the last. It falls on the last Friday of every November, the day after American Thanksgiving.

Retailers hardcore drop their prices on everything you can think of and then some making the largest shopping event of the year, topping Boxing Day because it falls before Christmas, which proves much more helpful. According to Global, 1 million canadians will either call in sick to work or skip school to hit the sales so that's a thing.

2. Black Friday Has Already Sorta Started

There are some stores who have already begun to offer us a tease of what is to come next Friday by hosting Black Friday pre-sales in their stores and on their websites, here are a few we found that are worth scoping out as a test-run:

  • PUMA Pre-Sale: Up to 30% off the entire store
  • Danier Pre-Sale: Select coats lowered to $149, deals on accessories, in-store and online
  • Indigo Pre-Sale: 10% all online purchases, various items on sale, online only
  • ALDO Pre-Sale: 20% off of everything in-store at the Eaton’s Centre location, Facebook event here.
  • Luck 7 Clothing Pre-Sale: All items priced between $10-$25, more details here

3. Canada-Wide Sales To Check Out

Black Friday has been getting bigger and bigger in our hood for the last couple of years, however, the larger retailers who have been around longer are usually the ones to slash the prices the most making your journey the most worth it. Huffington Post has put together a solid list of Canada-Wide Black Friday sales that they have been continually updating as more information becomes available, here are some that may be the most useful for you:

  • Indigo: sales on everything as of now, more info
  • Amazon Canada: New deals on products every day, already ongoing, more info
  • Sportchek: 20%-50% certain items, more info
  • GAP Canada: Up to 70% select items, more info
  • Hudson’s Bay: Special 1-day sale on the 28th, more info
  • Walmart: Free shipping and select items on sale, more info
  • Forever 21: Ongoing Canada-wide sale, special 1-day sale on the 29th, more info
  • Mexx: Up to 50% off on all clothing, more info
  • Sears: Called “Sears Days” but basically the same thing, discounts on a variety of products, more info
  • Dynamite: 40% off select merchandise, more info

4. Toronto Sales You Should Know About

Toronto is a massive haven for shoppers year-round so just imagine how hardcore it will get on Black Friday. The Eaton Centre will be lit up with massive retailers hosting bargain hunters, here are some Black Friday sales happening in Toronto that are worth checking out:

  • Dynamite: 40% off select merchandise, more info
  • Forever 21: Ongoing Canada-wide sale, special 1-day sale on the 29th, more info
  • Anthropologie: Stay tuned to their website for deals at their Toronto locations, here
  • Toronto Premium Outlets: outlets always have insane Black Friday action, keep an eye on their site

5. Use the Interweb to Your Advantage

Not only can you find great deals directly from the comfort of your own bed without having to deal with actual people and have stuff shipped directly to your home, you can use the internet as a tool to hit the malls, use these websites (in addition to Narcity, of course) to help you get your shit together before the day of and on the 28th:

6. The USA is only 134 km away

If you're really hardcore and don't mind risking your life for some good sales, first of all praise you, second of all, you can make the 1.5 hour trip to the states for the real life experience. You can hit up the Walden Galleria in Buffalo or the Fashion Outlets of Niagara NY for some savings and sure fire craziness. Be sure to factor in border crossing times to your commute and the amount of goods you are allowed to travel back into Canada with given the amount of time you spend in the US (also there is a Sabres game that night so border times will surely be affected by that as well).

7. Don't Forget About Cyber-Monday

So we've got Black Friday pretty much figured out, but if you're pretty tied up on the 28th - Never fear! Cyber Monday is also a thing. Not too many Canadians are familiar with the abundance of online deals that hit the World Wide Web on the Monday that follows Black Friday, this year it falls on Dec 1st. Perhaps Cyber-Monday is not as eventful, since there will probably not be grown ass women willing to punch you in the face for a nice scarf in your living room it is definitely convenient. It offers discounts online with no lineups, crowds or busy parking lots that'll ultimately make you want to drive off the third level parking garage.

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