Are you planning to move but aren't sure which part of Toronto to live in? Perhaps you should figure out which one of these 14 personalities applies to you to find the answer.

Before you read this article, I highly suggest you take the personality test to help you choose a neighbourhood. Here is the link. Once you've completed the test, compare your results to the personality descriptions per neighbourhood. Enjoy!

P.S if you're an advocate or logistician, your personality is compatible with any neighbourhood in Toronto. Feel free to explore!

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1. Liberty Village

The Consul is usually a popular person who is interested in social gatherings and is always up to date with current events. Liberty Village is the home to many food and entertainment festivals, therefore it's ideal for the consul to live in. There are many ways to socialize with people, whether you're talking to someone at the local dog park or grabbing a bite at one of the 72 restaurants in Liberty Village.

The Executive is an honest, dedicated and hard working person. Liberty Village is known to be the home to many young professionals. Everyone knows each other in the Liberty, therefore the executive can participate in organizing community events and figure out ways to keep the neighbourhood connected.

2. King St.West

The Entertainer has so much energy and loves being in the spotlight. King Street is the perfect area for the entertainer to live in because it's known as party central. There's always something going on in this neighbourhood every day of the week. The name says it all, the entertainer will usually work in the entertainment or hospitality industry. This type of personality loves being around people and King Street will do the job, whether they decide to go to a restaurant, bar or nightclub.

The Entrepreneur is always interested in making new connections. They'll always make end up at the private parties on King St. because they're social butterflies. They live life on the edge and are not terrified of taking risks. King St. can be very unpredictable because it's full of drama and there are many exciting opportunities, therefore it's the ideal environment for the entrepreneur to live in.

3. Queen St.West

The Adventurers are very artsy people that are true lovers of beauty. They're always looking to explore new opportunities and are very spontaneous. They'll check out Graffiti Alley to take some cool Instagram pics and familiarize themselves with all the stores in this area. Queen St. is the trendiest neighbourhood in Toronto because it has so many things to offer, making it the perfect environment for the adventurer.

The Mediators are guided by principles and are very creative people. They're usually gifted and obtain extraordinary talents. Queen St. is Toronto's leading community for emerging artists. Many people will perform at live bars or simply post on the street to display their special skills. Queen St. is the perfect environment for poets, artists or writers who are looking to express their true selves in unique ways.

4. Lakeshore Blvd.

The Campaigner is independent, energetic and routine oriented. They enjoy having the freedom to be innovative and can easily become frustrated if they are limited to space. Living on Lakeshore would be the perfect environment for the campaigner because they won't be restricted to a small neighbourhood and there is a lot to explore. They can use their energy to go for a bike ride along the lake and simply get away from the busy streets of the downtown core.

The Logicians are very inventive because their mind is always thinking. Lakeshore is an ideal area for a logician to live in because it provides a peaceful environment to zone into a different world and day dream. They enjoy contemplating about the wonders in life and would rather have a debate with themselves than converse with others.

5. Kensington

Virtuosos are filled with spiritual curiosity and use their hands and sight to learn new things. They enjoy helping others and are very friendly, therefore Kensington is very suitable for their personality. Kensington can assist their unique interests based on the amount of hippy and extraordinary stores located in the market.

The Defenders are very generous, enthusiastic and overall happy people. They're very cooperative and enjoy delighting others. Kensington will allow them to explore their imagination and use their people and analytical skills to the fullest. This neighbourhood is the perfect environment for individuals that are interested in making friends! Everyone is so friendly in Kensington, the defender will get along with the whole neighbourhood in no time.

6. The Beaches

The Protagonists are full of passion, charisma and they have great communication skills. They are very optimistic people, which would make them the perfect beach bums because they care to live stress-free. The Beaches are suitable for the protagonists because the environment will allow them to take part in a variety of activities and socialize with different people.

The Commander is a natural born leader. Their confidence will always bring people together with different personalities to reach a common goal. The Beaches always have visitors come by from several parts of the GTA to check out the private shops, play volleyball on the beach or enjoy the beautiful fireworks. The commander will be very happy living in this neighbourhood because they'll have the opportunity to meet new people on a daily basis.

7. The Annex

Debaters are all about creating bonds. The Annex is a cultural neighbourhood which hosts a variety of community events that bring people together from all around the community. Many restaurants and shops are open late, attracting the university student demographic. If you're looking to live in an area that is full of life, make a move to The Annex!

There are many Architects in The Annex! They are very strategic and are always looking for a challenge. The Annex would be the perfect neighbourhood for a person with this type of personality because their thriving spirit will allow them to release their dare-devil persona.

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