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These 7 Toronto Restaurants Are Perfect Places To Order In This Rainy Weekend

Enjoy a meal in your cozy backyard or favourite park.

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Didn't get a reservation for a packed patio this week? You can still reconnect with your friends over a delicious meal and drinks outdoors.

With DoorDash Premium, you can have your friends over in your backyard - or meet at your favourite park - for an elevated dining experience.

The food delivery app has a new premium selection of restaurants you can order from including Kintaro Izakaya if you're craving Japanese food or Sud Forno if you want to indulge in a big bowl of fresh pasta.

Now until June 30, new and existing users can get $7 off orders of $30 or more (no promo code necessary) at these select Toronto hot spots. And, as an added bonus to new DoorDash users, you can enjoy a $0 delivery fee for 30 days*.

If you're looking to treat yourself to something gourmet, here are some downtown Toronto restaurants with savoury menus.

Lee Restaurant

Price: $18.90 and up for a plate

Details: This unique restaurant from acclaimed chef Susur Lee beautifully combines Asian and French cuisine. You can't place an order without trying the Signature Singapore Slaw or the Slow Braised Beef.

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416 Snack Bar

Price: $5 - $25 for a plate

Details: The plates may be small but they pack a ton of flavour. This tiny, cozy joint on Queen West has a ton of shareable plates to choose from like the Fried Chicken Ceasar and Garden Gnocchi. It's perfect if you're with a group and want to try a bit of everything.

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Kintaro Izakaya

Price: $14 and up for a plate

Details: If you live close to Church Street, you have to try Kintaro for an authentic Japanese tapas experience. Popular items on the menu include the deep fried octopus balls, stir fried ramen and grilled squid, but don't worry, there are some vegetarian options as well.

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La Palma

Price: $15 and up for a plate

Details: Have you ever wanted to try a 100 layer lasagna? At La Palma, you sure can! Other decadent plates you can try include the Pancetta Pizza and the Cavatelli with cauliflower, toasted hazelnuts and crotonese.

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Sud Forno

Price: $7.95 and up for a plate

Details: If you love going to Terroni, chances are you'll love Sud Forno, too. There are two downtown locations to choose from if you're craving Italian. But make room for dessert because their menu is huge. You can pick up some lemon sugar biscotti, cannoli, tiramisu or mini chocolate cakes.

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Price: $9.99 and up for a plate

Details: The trendy steakhouse in Yorkville is still relatively new and offers turf for as little as $40. Want to go ALL OUT? You can get their surf and turf for $69. Plus, you can add parmesan truffle fries, mac and cheese or cesar salad to your order. If you're on a budget, the burger and fries combo is just ten bucks.

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The Carbon Bar

Price: $10 and up for a plate

Details: This restaurant offers Southern-inspired BBQ at a reasonable price. Carbon favourites include the Pit Master Platter that's perfect for sharing and the Texas-style Brisket. They also sell a bunch of cocktail kits if you ever want a margarita with your meal.

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*the $0 delivery fee for 30 days offer is unfortunately not available in Quebec.