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Although most stoners in Toronto do not hang out in Kensington Market, it is still hailed as the stoner mecca in the city. This is because its stoner population is very diverse. You'll see ever kind of weed head here, and they're all the friendliest folks you'll ever meet.

1. The Hot Box Cafe Crowd

Roach-o-Rama is always crawling with stoners, and the Hot Box Cafe at the back of the store is their primary destination. Here you'll find gamer stoners, and people who can't afford their own vaporizer, but want to enjoy the experience anyway. There's also always a ton of high school kids because, if you can't drink, smoke!

2. The people chillin' at Bellevue Square Park

While Bellevue Square Park is better known for its heroine junkies, you'll find a loyal crowd of weed smokers there too. They're usually sitting in the grass and talking to each other at inappropriate volumes.

3. The Blue Banana Wanderers

You can always tell a stoner at Blue Banana because every once in a while, they'll gaze upon a particularly dumb fridge magnet and burst out laughing like it's the most hilarious thing they've ever seen.

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4. The Non-Stop Eaters

Kensington Market is known for its impressive selection of affordable food joints, which is part of why it's the perfect area for stoners to hang out in. After getting stoned in one of the above-mentioned places, they usually wander around from restaurant to restaurant, satisfying their munchies

5. The Artists

There's always a handful of people selling art in the market, or graffiting some wall. They are always stoned. Without fail.

6. The people who actually live in Kensington

It's rare, because Kensington is so expensive to live in, but there is a population of Kensington Market stoners. These guys somehow pay their rent entirely from the money they make busking with their banjo on the corner of Augusta and Baldwin.

7. The Out-of-Towners

Then there's the Vancouver and Montreal stoners, and occasionally, the American stoners, who are in town couchsurfing and have naturally migrated towards Kensington Market because that's where everyone has told them to go. You'll usually find them asking for directions to Roach-o-Rama.

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