Living in Toronto is tough. The city can take quite a toll on you, whether it entails being stuck on the TTC, or dealing with unfavourable conditions at work, or facing the struggle of living paycheque to paycheque like so many other Canadians.

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Sometimes we just need to treat ourselves to something nice. Here are 7 unique places in Toronto to de-stress after a hard week.

The Salt Cave Health Centre // 3310 Yonge St


The Salt Cave Health Centre offers halotherapy, which is a procedure that simulates the geological microclimate of subterranean caves. Growing scientific research shows that the minerals in the air of the cave have therapeutic effects for things like inflammation, allergies, depression, anxiety and more.

Seoul Zimzilbang // 382 Magnetic Dr

Korean sauna

Seoul Zimzilbang in North York is a traditional Korean spa that's open 24/7. It features several mineral rooms that serve different purposes, including skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, and more. TVs, lounges and exercise equipment are also available to visitors.

STRYKE Target Range // 738 Dundas St E

Target sports

STRYKE Target Range is a new facility near Regent Park that offers four types of target sports - airsoft guns, axe throwing, knife throwing and archery. It comes equipped with a snack bar and is also planning to get a liquor license and kitchen very soon.

High Park Trains // 1873 Bloor St W

Trackless train ride

High Park Trains offers trackless train rides through High Park. The diversity of plant and wildlife in the area serve as a refuge from the concrete jungle that is Toronto and will surely get you nice and relaxed.

The Monkey Vault // 100 Symes Rd

The Monkey Vault is a movement training camp filled with obstacles where you can get run, climb, jump and more. It may not seem like it, but you may find that moving around and getting active can be quite the stress reliever.

Playing With Fire // 601 Christie St

Playing With Fire offers unique beginner workshops with internationally renowned artist, Minna Koistinen. Forget your troubles by learning about the intricate art of glass-blowing.

Body Blitz Spa // 471 Adelaide St W

Body Blitz Spa is a "women-only spa that puts a modern twist on ancient restorative water practices." They have a variety of pools to relax in, including a Dead Sea salt pool, cold plunge pool and hot Epsom salt pool that each have remedial benefits.

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