There's always something to do in Toronto. Even if you're a couple that prefers staying in, there are so many options available for you and your date to do that you're probably going to want to go out and explore the city anyway.

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If you and your date are bored or uninspired by the usual, here are 7 unique things to do with your date in Toronto:

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David Dunlap Observatory

Constellation spotting

David Dunlap Observatory is a great place to watch the stars with a date. It holds a variety of fun astronomic activities, including public observing events (the next one is this Friday, Nov 9). See their events calendar for more details.

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Neilson Park Creative Centre


The Calligraphic Arts Guild of Toronto at Neilson Park offers a "Friends of the CAGT" option that allows guests to participate in calligraphy workshops for $30. Sign up for a class today and get creative with your date!

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Puppetmongers Theatre


Puppetmongers Theatre is an organization dedicated to the art of puppetry. They offer a variety of workshops, including some for beginners. See their workshop schedule for their latest events.

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Toronto Botanical Garden

Urban beekeeping

The Toronto Botanical Garden holds beekeeping workshops to educate the public about the importance of honeybees. Participants are treated to hands-on experiences involving the managing of hives and various craft workshops with honey.

Toronto Blacksmith


Toronto Blacksmith is a one-man business operated by Paul Krzyszkowski, a skilled blacksmith. Paul offers toolmaking classes that will teach you how to make badass axes and hatchets.

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Sweet Grass Spa

24 karat gold facial

The Sweet Grass Spa offers a unique, 75-minute 24 karat gold facial treatment for $190. Organic gold is used as a masque to revitalize the skin and leave it glowing. The treatment also comes with a foot bath, colour therapy, cleanse, exfoliation and more. Try out unique spa treatment with your date today!

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Threshold Aviation

Aircraft simulator

Threshold Aviation offers a unique experience that puts you in the pilot's seat of an airplane simulator. Various packages allow participants to fly the simulator from 1 to 4 hours, and they are in full control of the weather conditions, the time of day and much more.

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