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7 Very Weird Ways To Make Money In Toronto

Money, money, money - everyone wants to make it the quickest and easiest way possible. There are several different jobs available for people to apply to, but truthfully speaking  they can get very boring, time consuming and can be a lot of hard work.

Well for your luck, I've done some research and was able to find some interesting ways of making money, that may seem very weird but hey, they end up bringing the bank! Now, I'm not suggesting for you to quit your full time job, but here are 7 very weird ways that can help you increase the number in the savings account:

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1. Rent out your backyard 

Gamping is the cool, new and clever way of making money. If you're ok with renting out your backyard for a couple of campers, post your listing on the website. You can choose to provide amenities or allow the backyard visitors to bring their own appliances.

2. Sell Your Panties Online

Sniffing panties is a serious fetish for people... As weird as it sounds, it's very exciting for certain individual to take in the scent of random body fluids. In order to satisfy this obsession with used underwear, you can now buy or sell used panties through a popular website called Panty Deal. Looking to make some quick easy money? All you have to do is sign up to the website for free and you can make up to $200!

More details provided here.

3. Rent a friend

Rent a friend allows to you meet and hire people to be friends with you all around the world. There are over 531,434 friends available for rent across the globe for different occasions such as weddings, parties, business meetings and other social gatherings. Become a friend and score the coolest job ever - all you have to do is sign up on the website here!

4. Pick up Pooch Poop 

There's an existing dog waste removal service available in the GTA. Are you a huge animal lover and don't mind cleaning up dog poop? Contact Poop Patrol here.

5. Deliver Booze 

Cross out being a pizza delivery boy or an Uber driver, instead you should deliver alcohol for Dial A Bottle. This service is 100% legal and there are employment opportunities listed on their website.

Photo cred - @weheartit

6. Respond to text messages. 

If you're on your phone 24/7, might as well make money off texting. Cha Cha is a website which offers questions and answers via texts. Sometimes the questions may be very odd, therefore you should be a very socially comfortable person. For example, "if I swim in an ocean at night, how many atoms are in a pig?" What the...

7. Sell your wine corks 

After gathering a collection of wine corks, you can put them up for sale on eBay. The corks need to be cleaned and separated, whether they're wooden or synthetic. Take a look at a couple of listings here to compare prices.

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