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Chances are, you grew up reading or watching the Harry Potter series. Whether you are or were an HP nerd (come on, we’re all being honest here), you’ve read or seen at least one of the books or movies. Instead of being mesmerized by the fantasy world that is Hogwarts, be enchanted by the reality that is Toronto. Here are 7 Harry Potter scenes if Toronto was a Harry Potter movie.

1. Diagon Alley as Kensington Market

Swap the bikes with brooms, and the graffiti with medieval signs, and you could totally envision a wand shop or an owl emporium there.

2. It’s pronounced TURONNO, not TORONTO

‘Nuff said.

3. Hogwarts Quidditch is equivalent to the Toronto Raptors

Hogwarts Quidditch = good. Toronto Raptors = good. It's math people.

Photo cred – harrypotterwikia

4. The Stanley cup is the Triwizard Tournament Cup from The Goblet of Fire

The Leafs are Fleur. Fleur didn’t make it very far in the tournament.

5. The Hogwarts Express is GO Transit

Platform 9 3⁄4 is Union because every Toronto commuter struggles to make that train before the portal closes... And then you have to wait an hour for the next train. No flying cars here. Damn it.

6. Yule Ball to Last Call

Instead of some fancy schmancy banquet hall, it would be at your typical Toronto bar or club. With a lot more alcohol and a lot less formality, of course. Us Torontonians are classy like that.

7. Neville Longbottom

Neville is that dude who went from wham to damn when he came to Toronto for school. Toronto has hot people.

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