75 Bucket List Things To Do In Ontario Before You Die

Yours to discover.
75 Bucket List Things To Do In Ontario Before You Die

Ontario is the most populous province in Canada, so there are plenty of things to do for entertainment. It is also the second largest province by area, so there is so much room for activities!

Restaurants, adventures, spas, resorts, cities, and towns ⁠— the list can go on and on forever. Grab a pen and start checking, because we've compiled a list of certain things every Ontarian should do at least once.

Explore our beautiful province as it's truly "yours to discover." If you’ve done everything listed or perhaps even half ⁠— let me tell you, that is very impressive.

Take a look at this bucket list every Ontarian should complete before they die:

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1. Go canoeing, skating, skiing, or snowshoeing down the Rideau Canal.

2. Visit Niagara Falls to gamble, take Insta photos, and Journey Behind the Falls.

3. Take a day trip to the Black Creek Pioneer Village.

4. Road trip to Bruce Peninsula Provincial Park, Tobermory.

5. Go to the Rainbow Bridge.

6. Have an extraordinary adventure at Cave of The Winds.

7. Spend a day going on cable traverses, jumping on hammock nets, crossing wooden bridges, swinging on Tarzan swings, and ziplining through the woods at Treetop Trekking.

8. Stay overnight at the Long Point Observatory for an unforgettable star gazing experience.

9. Camp at Algonquin Park at least once.

10. Relax and pamper yourself at one of Ontario's Luxurious Spas.

11. Day trip to some beautiful towns in Ontario.

 12. Go on a date to one of these Ontario hotspots.

13. Rent a cottage at Muskoka.

14. Or throw a party at a mansion.

15. And of course you must rent a private island.

16. Road trip to these ice cream shops. 

17. Go hang gliding at Instinct Windsports

18. ... and dirt biking at Trail Tours.

19. Check out Powered Paragliding Ontario.

20. ... or ice climbing with Adventure Seeker Tours.

21. Visit the Ray's reptile zoo.

22. Flyboard in Niagara.

23. Movie night at Trius Winery.

24. Go to the Niagara-on-the-Lake Cycle and Wine Tasting Tour.

25. Experience a dog sledding adventure.

26. Visit Ontario's majestic castles.

27. Have dinner at the Eigensinn Farm.

28. Check out the Metcalfe Rock.

29. Cross Ontario's longest suspension footbridge.

30. Spend a night at the Jail Hostel in Ottawa.

31. Visit the 1000 Islands. 

32. Road trip to Killarney's Provincial Parks.

33. Check out Fort William's Historical Park.

34. Challenge yourself in a cornfield adventure at Hanes Farm.

35.  Pick pumpkins at Downey's Farm.

36. Go horseback riding with Conestogo River Adventures.

37. Visit the Halton County Radial Railway museum.

38. And the Jet Aircraft museum.

39. As well as Canada's Aviation and Space museum.

40. Drink beer at Wellington Brewery, Canada's oldest micro-brewery.

41. Go to the Stratford Festival.

42. Visit Jungle Cat World.

43. Learn how to fly a plane at Barrie Flying Club.

44. Experience a half day survival tour with Barefoot Bushcraft. 

45. Go on a canoe trip with Call Of The Wild.

46. Drive million-dollar cars for five hours with Ultimate Exotics.

47. Satisfy your adrenaline craving with a Whirlpool Jet Boat Tour.

48. Go on an off-road Segway adventure.

49. Challenge yourself during a stunt driving experience in Milton.

50. Learn how to handle owls with Muskoka Birds Of Prey.

51. Go outdoor rock climbing.

52. Spend a day at Wasaga Beach.

53. Go skiing at Blue Mountain and Horseshoe Valley.

54. Go white water rafting with Wilderness Tours.

55. Compete with your friends at Amazing Elora Race.

56. Visit the Devil's Punch Bowl.

57. Check out The Royal Botanical Gardens (the largest in Canada.)

58. And the Canadian Football Hall of Fame.

59. Go hiking at Bruce Trail.

60. Gamble at Caesars Casino.

61. Admire Windsor's Sculpture Park.

62. Explore the Brockville Railway Tunnel.

63. Golf at Glen Abbey's Golf Club.

64. Spend a night at the JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka Resort & Spa.

65. ... and Langdon Hall in Cambridge.

66. Check out Primitive Designs in Port Hope.

67. Have a sick Rock 'n' Roll Experience at Northumberland.

68. Visit Scout Valley.

69. ... and the OPP museum.

70. Munch down at the Pancake House in Georgetown.

71. Go on a Point Iroquois Lighthouse tour.

72. Have a unique First Nations cultural experience (with Pow-Wow dancing and spirit circles) at Manitoulin Island.

73. Spend a day at Point Pelee National Park.

74. Visit the Wawanosh Wetlands.

75. ... and Ouimet Canyon (Ontario's very own mini Grand Canyon.)

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