Do you ever just get so frustrated from commuting to and from school? Everyone who commutes or ever has commuted to school in Toronto knows how much of a drag it is.

If you're living in the GTA and can't afford to move out, you really don't have a choice and it sucks. Commuting is also crazy expensive which doesn't make it any easier for us students. And let's be honest, the student discounts don't really do much. Here are thoughts all us students have when commuting to school in downtown Toronto.

1. I can't hear you, alarm.

2. Can I just lay here all day?

3. I hate Mondays.

4. Why isn't it Friday already?

5. Who the hell gets up at 6 A.M. for school?

6. Me. I do.

7. Do I really feel like travelling an hour and a half to get to school today?

8. Should I even go to school at all?

9. I'll go to school tomorrow?

10. Right, I have that quiz today.

11. Why didn't I go to a university outside of Toronto?

12. I don't want to be alive right now.

13. I wish I had a car.

14. But then I'd have to pay for parking.

15. I wish I lived on campus.

16. Do I have time to shower?

17. Maybe my prof will cancel class today.

18. I haven't even done any of my readings yet.

19. Maybe I'll read on the train.

20. Never mind.

21. Do I have enough money on my PRESTO card?

22. I'm going to miss my GO Train.

23. F*ck, I missed my GO Train.

24. I should wake up earlier tomorrow.

25. Ha, who am I kidding.

26. Finally, the next train's here!

27. Will the doors just open already?

28. Ain't nobody got time for this.

29. I am definitely not a morning person.

30. You're sitting a little too close for comfort, sir.

31. I can barely move on this train.

32. Maybe I'll catch up on some sleep.

33. It's called the Quiet Zone for a reason.

34. Downtown at last!

35. I sure do enjoy all this Union Station commuter traffic.

36. I'm feeling claustrophobic.

37. Should I waste a token for the TTC or should I walk through the PATH?

38. I'm late enough, I'll take the TTC.

39. Maybe I'll get a seat today.

40. Damn it.

41. Guess I'll have to stand.

42. Your bag does not need a seat for itself. Asshole.

43. How about you sit on the inside seat so someone else can sit down?!

44. Subway delay? Are you f*cking kidding me?

45. Crying literal tears right now.

46. I can't wait for summer.

47. And winter break.

48. And reading week.

49. What is that putrid smell?

50. Phew, your breath is stanky.

51. What if he can hear my thoughts?

52. Sorry man, if you can hear me, you need to know.

53. What am I saying? No one can hear me.

54. I'm ridiculous.

55. How dare you sneeze near me?

56. Why does everyone hate me?

57. What is my life?

58. TTC, I hate you.

59. Commuting is turning me into a jerk.

60. But I'm not really a jerk. It's only when I'm commuting!

616. Maybe.

62. Oh hello, attractive person.

63. Goodbye, attractive person.

64. At last, my stop!

65. Hey fellow commuters, I'm just tryna get off this train.


67. Thank you for letting the door slam in my face.

68. I hate everyone.

69. Will I have time to grab Timmies?

70. Should I treat myself to Starbucks today?

71. These are the important questions in life.

72. I'm already late for class anyways. I need a damn coffee.

73. I'm exhausted and the day has barely started.

74. I can't wait to do this again tomorrow.

75. F*ck.