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8 Adorable Animal Farms In Ontario You’ve Got To Visit This Winter

The winter months can be long, cold, and lonely if you don't have a pet to snuggle up with in the evenings. Many of us are lucky to own an adorable pupper or a cute kitten that wait for us to return home from work every day. 

Ontario is home to tons of adorable animals farms that house unique animals from donkeys and goats to alpacas and water buffalo! If you want to spend more time close to animals this year, head to one of these farms in Ontario for the best animal experiences. 

The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada

Where: Puslinch, Ontario

Located just outside of Guelph, Ontario is the adorable Donkey Sanctuary of Canada that is just waiting for you to visit! Over 200 donkeys have been rescued and brought to live on the farm where they can finally live a safe and happy life. Admission is given as a donation when you visit the farm with a recommended amount of $10. You can pet and visit with all the donkeys there 


White Rock Ostrich Farm

Where: Milton, Ontario

This is probably the weirdest yet most endearing farm you can visit right here in Ontario. It's just over a 1-hour drive from Toronto and is the largest of its kind in the province! You can take a tour of the farm and feed some of the ostriches hanging around nearby this season. 


SAMY's Alpaca Farm

Where: Kerwood, Ontario

Have you been hoping to one day be able to walk an alpaca down an adorable country lane? Well, now you can! Samy's Alpaca Farm offers Alpaca Walks where they've trained their alpacas to walk on-leash and you can take them for a stroll down their nearby lane. The walks cost $15 and you can visit all year round! 


Ontario Water Buffalo Company

Where: Stirling, Ontario

This unique farm is home to 500 water buffalo which is pretty impressive! They use the water buffalo on the farm for milk and ship it across Canada. Anyone is free to visit the farm for a self-guided tour or you can call ahead to book a guided tour and get close to these gentle giants! 


Egli's Sheep Farm

Where: Machin, Ontario

Egli's Sheep Farm is an adorable farm full of adorable animals. They mainly house sheep but they also have goats, donkeys, llamas, cows, and more! The farm is open year-round where they sell sheep products like slippers, mittens and more but visitors can also cuddle with the animals! 


Haute Goat

Where: Newtonville, Ontario

Haute Goat is probably the cutest animal farm that exists in Ontario. They frequently host an event called the 'Goat Shmurgle' where visitors can come and cuddle with the baby goats they have on the farm! It's a great way for the animals and humans to receive some love. The Shmurgle costs $35 and includes a 30-minute cuddle session with the goats before a hearty lunch inside the farmhouse. 


Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary 

Where: King City, Ontario

Dog Tales is a rescue sanctuary for both dogs and horses right here in Ontario! It's home to 50 acres of rolling hills and wooded areas where the animals can have space to roam and experience nature. They are open to the public every Sunday from 11-5 and anyone can visit even if you don't plan on adopting a dog. You can also book a private appointment anytime during the week to meet the dogs and find one to adopt! 


Kickin' Back Alpaca Ranch

Where: Markdale, Ontario

If you're seriously obsessed with Alpacas, here's another spot to add to your list. They have an open barn event twice a year, one in the summer and one in the winter. But you can visit anytime for a family visit for $20, by appointment. 


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