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7 Amazing Caves You Can Visit In Ontario

Spelunk your heart out.
7 Amazing Caves You Can Visit In Ontario

There's something eerie and exhilarating about going through a cave. The darkness, confined spaces and echoey silence can really get the adrenaline pumping through you veins.

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This summer, why not explore one of Ontario's beautiful caves? Some of the ones on this list are crevice caves that are open to the sky, while others are enclosed, so there's something for everyone. Here are 7 amazing caves you can visit in Ontario:

Note: Although these caves are open to the public, it is still advised that you take caution if you decide to venture into them. We wouldn't want a 127 Hours incident to happen...

Photo credPeter De Wit

Bonnechere Caves

Eganville, ON

Bonnechere Caves have been open to the public for over 55 years. There several surprises to encounter during your exploration, including bats and a picturesque waterfall. Guided tours are available at this location.

Photo cred - ptboexplores

Warsaw Caves

Warsaw, ON

Warsaw Caves is a series of 7 caves near the Peterborough area that were formed thousands of years ago at the end of the last ice age. The caves are a great for exploration; however, if you're planning to visit, make sure you bring a flashlight, your camera's flash attachment and a thick skin because they can get rather dark!

Photo cred - tatchka

Greig’s Caves

Lion's Head, ON

Greig's Caves are a beautiful limestone site in the Bruce Peninsula that is surrounded by beautiful rugged trails and wooded areas. The caves are open for visitors to tour, however some areas are restricted due to overly steep inclines and dangerous rocky terrain.

Photo cred - Roadster8

Tyendinaga Caves

Belleville, ON

Tyendinaga Caves are Ontario's oldest natural caverns. The caves are lit underground and have some great areas for exploration, including an underground "wishing well" and a dark side passage (which requires a flashlight).

Photo cred - samboyregz

Scenic Caves

Blue Mountains, ON

Scenic Caves offers several packages that include all-day access to the caves and caverns in the Blue Mountains area. The caves feature a relatively rocky terrain as well as a few steep stairs, so it is a good idea to wear sturdy hiking shoes if you plan to visit.

Photo cred - jacalynbeales

Eramosa Karst Caves

Stoney Creek, ON

Eramosa Karst Caves are a natural formation in the Stoney Creek area that includes several underground caves and streams. Though the caves may be tight and difficult to explore, there are several hiking trails, boardwalks and bridges throughout the forested area that one can also check out.

Photo cred - Will S

Devil’s Horse Stable Caves

Napanee, ON

Devil's Horse Stable Caves are where legends say that Satan used to keep his horses. The caves once descended deep into the Earth but are now closed due to its collapse in the early 1900s. The site is still a great place to check out the natural rock formations.

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