Technology is constantly evolving. By nature, humans prioritize convenience and actively seek out ways to attain it in their lives. Some may argue that technology makes us lazy, but I think it actually does more of the opposite - it pushes us to be creative and makes us realize just how much we're capable of as a species.

The following 8 pieces of innovative technology are available for purchase and will undeniably improve the way you live. Some of these are currently available for purchase; others are either available for pre-order, still gathering funding for the last stages of development, or are scheduled to be put on the market very soon:


Playbulb Color by MIPOW // $79.99


Not all of us can afford to get our houses fitted with in-wall sound systems, but we can always opt for the next best thing. Playbulb is a Bluetooth-controlled LED speaker light that plays music. The bulb is compatible with your phone or tablet, so you have the power to control what music to play and what colour light you'd like the bulb to emit. Install a bulb in every room of your house and you've essentially got an in-house speaker system.

Portable Laboratory by Scio // $249.00


This one is for all the health nuts out there. Scio's Portable Laboratory instead is the world's first molecular sensor that's small enough to fit into your pocket. The device lets you scan food items in order to retrieve all sorts of nutritional information to be displayed on your smartphone. All you have to do is open the app, press "Scan", and the Portable Laboratory will take care of the rest.

The Cube by RIF6 // $299.00


Bulky projectors are expensive and can be a hassle to use. The Cube, on the other hand, does everything a projector can (and more), and is smaller in size than a GoPro. Connect your device to the Cube and project anything from YouTube videos to personal files onto a wall in high-definition.

Smart Shirts by Hexoskin // $399.00


Exercise will never be the same again. Hexoskin Smart Shirts allow you to analyze data regarding your physical training, sleep behaviours, and overall health. It connects to the iPhone/iPad and Android phones and smart watches via Bluetooth.

Robotic Bartender by Somabar // $429.00


If you're an avid party host/hostess, or regularly indulge in alcoholic beverages, then this product is for you. Somabar's Robotic Bartender is like a Keurig, but for mixed drinks instead of coffee. You can mix various cocktails in under five minutes, and the entire apparatus is WiFi compatible.

RICOH Theta S by RICOH // $349.95


Those who enjoy capturing moments on video or experimenting with different media styles will definitely appreciate the Theta S. It's a camera that allows you to capture your entire surroundings in a single shot. You could think of it as an extremely fancy hybrid of fisheye and panaroma. The device is compatible with smartphones and tablets, and comes in a variety of fun colours.

Noke Padlock by Fuz // $69.99


Nowadays, everything can be controlled from a smartphone... Including padlocks. Fuz Designs has invented a lock that is operated purely from your smartphone. It's perfect for your bike or for your locker at the gym. No more hassle of forgetting keys, or combinations - just don't lose your phone.

Smart Shoes by Digitsole // TBD

Have you ever wanted those futuristic shoes from Back To The Future? Well now you can get something that's kiiind of similar. Digitsole's Smart Shoes are controlled from your smartphone. They have a self-lacing and temperature control function, and also tracks your physical stats, health stats, and geolocation.

Details on how to order these products can be found in the links provided above!

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