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8 Amazing Restaurants You Need To Eat At In Trenton

More than just an air force town.
8 Amazing Restaurants You Need To Eat At In Trenton

When Trenton comes to mind, the first thought that comes to you is probably the military. True, this small town on the Bay of Quinty is also home to the famous Canadian Forces Base (CFB Trenton), but it's also home to a few delicious spots for foodies.

Whether you're passing through Trenton or are maybe stationed here in the military, there's a solid selection of delicious restaurants that would satisfy anyone's culinary desires. From the famed and long-standing Jim's Pizzeria to nacho towers, Trenton is more than just the small military town it's labeled to be.

Here's 8 amazing restaurants you need to eat at when you're in Trenton:

Neil's BBQ Nation // 178 Dundas St. East

Formerly Primitive Cuisine, this premium southern BBQ joint serves up a mean slew of delicious low and slow-cooked saucy meats for the carnivore foodie. To complement their extrememly affordable and tender pulled chicken, pulled pork or other BBQ meats, are traditional sides, like hush puppies and what may just be the best mac 'n' cheese in Trenton. Word of caution: Your plate and hands are going to be messy after a meal here.

The Riverbrake Cafe // 11 Front St.

A small cozy, full-service restaurant that has a gorgeous patio located right on the waterfront. Whether you're looking for a hearty, house-made sandwich or a delicious omelette for breakfast, this modern and welcoming restaurant is an ideal early morning/afternoon foodie destination.

The Port Bistro Pub // 21 Front St.

The so-called "Tower of Nachos" is an unholy masterpiece, and its just one of many of the terrific pub plates offered at The Port's Bistro Pub. The Pub also offers some amazing local craft beers and a superb gourmet mac 'n' cheese with a house-made sauce of five different cheeses.

The Grind Cafe // 45 Front St.

A cute local coffee shop located right beside the Quinte West Farmers Market that serves up scrumptious, savoury desserts and ever-changing drink specialities. They're always making seasonal drinks, like their amazing, minty St. Patty's latte with creme de menthe. Year-round, their coffee, with organic beans from Reunion Island, never disappoint.

Trenton Sushi Buffet // 263 Dundas St. East

A new (and welcome) addition to Trenton's east end, this new sushi joint has over 150 different menu item choices from Korean to Japanese cuisine and a terrific lunch buffet from 11am to 3:30pm.

Red's // 2223 Hamilton Rd.

A terrific all-day breakfast spot that serves up some crazy good french toast and a long list of massive lunch sandwiches. They even got a "light" menu for people who want to keep off those extra pounds and who also want to have a delicious breakfast.

Dapp's Restaurant // 282 Dundas St. East

Hands down, one of the best breakfasts you'll ever have in Trenton. Dapp's is a cute little family-run restaurant with a homey feel that you wouldn't get in bigger cities. The staff will treat you like you're being served at home and will attentively get your food to you quick and fast. The place is usually quite busy at breakfast time on weekends, if that says anything.

Tomassos/Jim's Pizzeria // 35 Front St

A sharp and gorgeous modern Italian restaurant with one of the best outdoor patios in Trenton. The pizza they serve is the same that's offered at Jim's Pizzeria, which is combined with the restaurant. Jim's has been serving Trenton since 1976 (my mom used to go there as a kid) and to this day still remains a delicious local treat.

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