One of the many amazing things about Toronto is that there is so much culture to be found all over the city. Culture is one of the many diverse things in Toronto that brings us together as a tight knit community and what brings people more together than food? Yup, the food scene in Toronto is killing it with new innovative restaurants reflecting all kinds of different on cultures on each plate. One of the ethnic dishes that have been making a splash in Toronto have been the Hawaiian poke bowls and dishes that seem to have people going nuts over.

And it's no surprise considering how fvcking bomb it tastes!

No really, if you love sushi then you have to try a poke bowl one time! It's basically a deconstructed sushi bowl originating from the shores of Hawaii but it takes your average sushi expectations to a whole new level with tropical spices, seasonings and flavour.

Here are a few places in Toronto that you absolutely have to check out for a good bowl of sun and poke.

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North Poke// 179 Baldwin St.

Keep it simple and sink your teeth into some mouth watering Hawaiian poke. Enjoy an endless variety of deliciously seasoned toppings of different fishes of the Hawaiian seas at this cozy restaurant on Baldwin. It's definitely a place you want to visit for true authentic poke and serves other Hawaiian side dishes to try out like the beloved spam masubi. It's delish-- trusttt!

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Calli Love// 367 King St. W

California is the next biggest place next to Hawaii that absolutely goes ham on poke. And it's no wonder considering that they're neighbours only separated by the Pacific Ocean. Now it's possible to get a little love from both tropical destinations on King St. with a fresh bowl of Poke.

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Pokito// 420 Queen St. W

This newly opened restaurant on Queen explores a new and vast variety of poke bowl options that'll have you decide for hours on what to get. What I'd get? The spicy salmon bowl looks absolutely delishhh.

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Rolltation// 207 Dundas St. W

This popular restaurant is known for its giant sushi burritos that have gone viral all over Toronto. However, if you're looking for a way to enjoy it without getting your hands dirty, the Rolltation serves poke bowls too which are just as filling and delicious.


Big Tuna Poke Bar// 599 Bloor St. W

Visit the Big Tuna Poke Bar in the Annex the next time you're thinking about some fresh seafood on a warm bed of rice. Choose from a variety of toppings and fixins to add into your tropical bowl of all that is delicious and season with some delish spicy mayo or aioli to enhance the Hawaiian flavour.

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Hoki Poke// 946 Yonge St.

If that picture doesn't have you drooling, then I don't what will. Overload your senses at this restaurant that speaks all things poke and prepared to be absolutely satisfied.

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Poke Guys// 112 Elizabeth St.

These guys know what they're doing. Whether it's with your BFF, or a special someone, take em out to visit your favourite guys-- the Poke Guys! With fresh ingredients and delicious sauces you can't go wrong!

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Miss Thing's// 1279 Queen St. W

Enjoy a classic poke bowl at this all Hawaiian themed restaurant. It'll be like you're at a local restaurant on Hawaii-- except with a view of the wonderful Toronto traffic. Nonetheless, sip some pina coladas from a pineapple on the side of your poke and be enjoy a little vacation for your tastebuds!

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