Hiking enthusiasts have much to be excited about in Ontario. On top of a plethora of standard rugged forest trails are also a set of boardwalks that add an extra bit of magic to your walk. 

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This summer, spice up your outdoor adventures with these 8 amazing boardwalk trails in Ontario:

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Cyprus Lake

Bruce Peninsula

Makes up part of a 5-km looped trail around the legendary Cyprus Lake in Little Cove Provincial Park near Tobermory. Perfect for forest hikes in the summer and snowshoeing adventures in the winter.

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Sifton Bog


A 1-km stretch of wooden walkway that meanders through the thick of a forest. Leads to a gorgeous viewing area that overlooks a tranquil bog and the surrounding ecosystem. (Displayed in cover photo)

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A 1-km path that crosses over the largest protected marsh on Lake Ontario's northern shore. 16 kilometres of trails, a 2.5 km sandy beach an wildlife viewing opportunities are all available.

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Point Pelee


Provides scenic views of the park's ponds and cattail marsh. There are audio accompaniments throughout the trail, as well as a concession stand that offers various rental services (such as kayaking).

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Spruce Bog


Algonquin Park's 1.5-km looped boardwalk that offers a look into two northern spruce bog ecosystems. Hikes can be accompanied by guides that provide interesting information along the way.

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St. John’s


Located in a Carolinian forest consisting of hardwoods and broad-leafed species. Rivers and ponds in the area offer great opportunities for fishing and wildlife watching.

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Coastal Trail

Lake Superior

Part of a challenging 65-km hike that goes past Pukaskwa's forested areas, cliffs, secluded beaches and waterfalls. Access points to interesting sites like Agawa Bay and Katherine Cove are along the way.

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Canopy Boardwalk

Haliburton Highlands

A half-kilometre boardwalk suspended in the canopy of a forest 10 to 20 metres above the forest floor. It is the longest of its kind in the world.