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8 Coffee Shops In Toronto Where You Can Be Super Productive

Good grades start with caffeine.
8 Coffee Shops In Toronto Where You Can Be Super Productive

Fall is upon us, which means you and other students across the province will be dealing with the stress of midterms very soon.

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To help you stay productive, I've come up with a list of awesome coffee shops in the city that have everything you could possibly need to get your work done. Here are 8 coffee shops in Toronto where you can be super productive:

Quantum Coffee

460 King St W

Quantum Coffee's quality drinks, plethora of seating and free WiFi make it a popular study spot for students in the downtown area. Its bright lights and a cozy interior is perfect getting work done this fall.

Krave Coffee

781 St Clair Ave W

Krave Coffee is a cozy little spot in Hillcrest Village with several two-seater tables that you and your friend can use for your study sessions. Its cheap food, hot drinks and free WiFi make it a place where you could study all day at if you need to.

R Squared

668 Queen St W

R Squared is a bright and spacious shop with a free WiFi connection you can rely on. Large tables with plenty of seating are available for use throughout the shop, and there are several hot beverages and baked goods you can buy to keep yourself energized while you study.

Black Canary Café

61 Sherbourne St

Black Canary Café has a cozy atmosphere that will help you zone in on your work. There are several work spaces set up along the large windows of the shop for those who enjoy working under natural light. Free WiFi and great brews are also available at this location.

Cafe Pamenar

307 Augusta Ave

Cafe Pamenar is a great spot for studying, especially during the afternoon when there aren't any restrictions in place for laptop use. Free WiFi, spacey work tables, several plugs and a wide selection of caffeinated drinks are offered here.

Tampered Press

256 Crawford St

The Tampered Press has an inviting community vibe to it. You can use their big harvest table if you're with a group, or resort to a singular table if you would rather study solo. Free WiFi, as well as delicious drinks and pastries are also available for you to enjoy while you work away.

The Green Grind

567 College St

The Green Grind is a particularly great spot to study with a group because it has a few large, communal tables. The café also has individual tables, free WiFi and, of course, delicious coffee to help you focus.

Merchants of Green Coffee

2 Matilda St

Merchants of Green Coffee is a cute café that offers both great coffee and a work-friendly environment. Spacious tables, free WiFi and an abundance of outlets make it great for studying for midterms.

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