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8 Crazy Adventures To Go On In Ontario If You And Your Friends Are Secretly Grandmas

There exists a special class of young adults that I like to call the "Millennial Grandmas".  It consists of both male and female individuals who are in their twenties (a.k.a. the primes of their lives) but do not adhere to the typical avocado-toast-every-morning, go-out-every-night lifestyle of their millennial peers.

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Instead, Millennial Grandmas enjoy home clothes, midday naps, Love It Or List It re-runs, and strict, 9 pm bed times. While all of their friends are chasing their dreams and getting married, they remain as potatoes at home; eating peanut butter straight from the jar and letting all of their house plants die from neglect. Millennial Grandmas also enable each other to be this way, and that is a key reason why many of them become great friends with each other in the first place.

But Millennial Grandmas need excitement in their lives too. Here are 10 crazy adventures to go on if you and your friends are grandmas:

Eagle Canyon Zip Line


The Eagle Canyon Zipline runs a kilometre long and carries passengers to speeds over 72 kilometres per hour! Hanging above a river-cut canyon, the zipline offers spectacular views of the forested terrain.

Cost: $50 per ride

Formula Kartways


Formula Kartways is an indoor go-kart track founded by David Tennyson, a former professional race car driver. Several twists and turns make this a perfect track for those seeking a challenge. Take your Mario Kart fantasies out of your living room and onto the Formula Kartways track!

Cost: $22 for 15 laps

Xtreme Watersports

Grand Bend

Xtreme Watersports rents out awesome watersports equipment at great rates. Seadoos and jet skis, for example, can be rented for a fun, one-hour session at only $120 per person. Located at the Grand Bend beach, you and your friends are bound to have a great time on the water!

Cost: $120 per person

Defcon Paintball


Defcon Paintball is Ontario's premier destination for paintballing. Amazing 40,000 square-foot fields created by top industry designers will make you feel like you're truly on a mission.

Cost: $30 per person

Urban Capers Scavenger Hunt


Urban Capers creates sophisticated scavenger hunts that require smarts and a keen attention to detail to conquer. A variety of hunts are available, from haunted themed ones to murder mysteries. 

Cost: $30 per person

Rosé Wine Tasting Tour


A rosé wine tasting tour across Ontario is entirely possible with this helpful map. Visit some of the province's best wineries and try out the best rosés they have to offer. 

Cost: See link for more details.

Treetop Trekking


Treetop Trekking is an obstacle course set high up in the trees of Ontario's Carolinian forest. Walk across suspension bridges, jump on log platforms and swing from Tarzan ropes while taking in the beautiful sights of the surrounding area.

Cost: $60 per person

Powered Paragliding Ontario

Niagara Region

Powered Paragliding is the closest thing you'll get to flying on your own. You'll be strapped into a motorized aircraft with a professional rider who will lead you on an exploration of the skies!

Cost:$289 per tandem flight

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