8 Epic Train Rides You Must Go On In Canada

Essential trips for all travellers.
8 Epic Train Rides You Must Go On In Canada

Train rides have always been an integral part of Canada's heritage. For years they have connected Canadians across the country, from the Atlantic to the far west, and they remain a quintessential experience for all travellers today.

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For your next adventure, skip the plane and take on of these amazing train trips across Canada:

White Pass and Yukon Route

Alaska to Yukon

The White Pass and Yukon Route is a historic railway line that was built in 1898 during the Klondike Gold Rush. Trains travel between Skagway, Alaska and Whitehorse in the Yukon, passing by a gorgeous series of mountains, glaciers, tundra and tunnels in the north.

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The Rocky Mountaineer

Vancouver to Calgary

The Rocky Mountaineer offers the ultimate passenger experience throught he Canadian Rockies in Canada's western end. Travelling between iconic Canadian locations like Vancouver, Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper, passengers will be treated to both amazing sights and high quality onboard service.

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Winnipeg-Churchill Train

Winnipeg to Churchill

The Winnipeg-Churchill Train is a Via Rail experience that ventures eep into the subarctic region of Northern Manitoba. A 1,700-km journey, the trip is the best way to see the wonders of the north, including polar bears, beluga whales and the Northern Lights.

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The Canadian

Toronto to Vancouver

The Canadian, alongside Via Rail's other passenger trains, is advertised as "Your window to Canada", and that's exactly what it is. Departing from Toronto, the 4,466-km journey takes a total of four nights and three days to complete, which means passengers can witness the beauty of the prairies and lake country during many sunrises and sunsets.

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The Polar Bear Express

Cochrane to Moosonee

The Polar Bear Express has been in operation since 1964, taking locals, ecologists, tourists, and wildlife enthusiasts to the northern reaches of Ontario. The five-hour ride offers amazing panoramic views of lakes and boreal forest, and comes with onboard meals and service.

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Agawa Canyon Tour Train

Agawa Canyon

The Agawa Canyon Tour Train descends into the gorgeous Agawa Canyon in Ontario. Rides are offered in both the spring and autumn, however, trips taken during the latter give unparalleled sights of lakes and fall colours.

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Montreal to Gaspé

The Montreal-Gaspé line runs far into the Gaspé in Quebec, which features beautiful views of rolling hills, riverside towns, and the St. Lawrence Waterway.  Unfortunately, due to rail infrastructure problems, this service has been suspended until the necessary upgrades are completed. Still, the wait is still definitely worth it!

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The Ocean

Moncton to Halifax

The Ocean travels 1,346 km into the Maritimes, passing through major cities like Moncton, New Brunswick and Halifax, Nova Scotia. During the 1-night, 1-day trip, passengers will be treated to gorgeous ocean and landscape views, as well as onboard entertainment, meals and accommodations.

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