Have you caught the travel bug or simply just need to getaway? We have all been there trust me. In this economy sometimes travelling can be a daunting task. The good news is, time and time again deals will pop up and they will be just what you need to book yourself a quick little trip.

Sometimes a week away is all you need and we have a list of deals to fit exactly what you need- go south, to a beach, or explores the streets of Europe! These flights from Toronto are perfect for the solo traveler right now! 

Take note, all these flights are the best ones for the next 30 days, so BOOK THAT TRIP!

New York City, USA

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Price: $233 CAD, Round trip

When: October 18th-October 25th

Why you should go: Ah, the city that never sleeps! NYC is home to the best in theater, music and of course, pizza. Everyday that you spend here will bring tonnes of great adventures- from Rockefeller Center, to Central Park, to Times Square. You can also take the ferry to the Statue of Liberty! If you're more in the mood to spot some stars, hit up the endless night clubs; and while there, you must see a Broadway show!

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Nashville, USA

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Price: $250 CAD, Round trip

When: October 25th-November 1st

Why you should go: The mecca of country music never fails to be an amazing travel destination. Also known as, "The Music City", the streets are filled with music hopefuls, meaning every where you turn you get a free little concert! Hit up the Country Music Hall of Fame, take in the architecture of the Greek structure, Parthenon, or take a stroll through Centennial Park.

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London, England

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Price: $439 CAD, Round trip

When: November 2nd-November 9th

Why you should go: You can NEVER go wrong booking a solo flight to London. Home to the Royal family, London has some of the richest history in Europe. Take in the city at new heights from the London Eye, or feel like the royal you think you are by visiting the Buckingham Palace. If you're in the mood for a concert, the famous O2 Arena is the place you want to be, and you cannot leave without visiting the Warner Bros studios and joining the Harry Potter studio tour!

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Bridgetown, Barbados

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Price: $484 CAD, Round trip

When: November 1st-November 8th

Why should you go: Can you really book a last minute vacay and it not be a place with seas ever so blue? Bridgetown is a culturally enriched city in Barbados, where lying on a beach or exploring the caves is always encouraged. Explore the local streets where the music will sweep you away- and a local will for sure be asking you to dance!

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San Jose, Costa Rica

Price: $485 CAD, Round trip

When: October 24th-October 31st

Why should you go: If you want surf, explore the forests, take in the wild life of a tropical island- San Jose, CR is one of the best destinations to do so. The endless beaches will draw you instantly, and the locals will make you feel right at home- if that doesn't sound like the ideal vacation, don't know what will!

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Frankfurt, Germany

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Price: $508 CAD, Round trip

When: November 1st-November 8th

Why should you go: Known as the gateway to Europe, you will heavily enriched in culture, stunning architecture and history. Apple ciders are a major must-have while there, paired with literally the greatest sausages you will ever eat. It is also Germany's business capital, making it a home for many around Europe- you are sure to meet a tonne of new people while here!

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Lima, Peru

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Price: $595 CAD, Round trip

When: October 19th-October 26th

Why you should go: Take a break from the north, and head south. Lima is a cute, shoreline city is Peru, usually a great stopover before travelers head to climb and visit Machu Picchu. Known for having some of the Peruvian cuisine, it is a great little last minute getaway!

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Shanghai, China

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Price: $642 CAD, Round trip

When: October 25th-November 1st

Why you should go: Going to China for such a price does not happen often. At all. Especially when it is Shanghai! If you need to leave to simply take in another big city, this should be top of the list. Known for its striking and iconic skyline, the skyscrapers here are breathtaking. And according to previous travelers, taking in the sunset and strolling down the Bund along the Huangpu River is a must.

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