You don't have to be a certain age to be considered a grandpa. Many millennials have assumed the role wholeheartedly, from the lifestyle choices to even the mannerisms. "Millennial grandpas" enjoy prolonged periods spent in their pajamas, couch potatoing, channel surfing sprees and undeclared flatulence. It's a way of life that not everyone is suited for.

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If you and your boyfriend are elderly at heart, here are 8 things to do in Ontario that will help you embrace your inner senior citizen:

8. Shoemaking workshop

Art + Sole Academy

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Art + Sole Academy in Toronto holds fun shoemaking workshops that will teach you to make footwear of all styles, from Oxfords ($525) and Chelsea boots ($625) to moccasins ($225) and high heels ($475). It's the perfect activity for getting in touch with your old self.

7. Drive-in movie

5 Drive-In

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5 Drive-In in Oakville is a drive-in theatre that will take you back in time. The theatre plays up-to-date films and is equipped with large projection screens and a snack bar.

6. Eco adventure tour

Scenic Caves

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Scenic Caves in Collingwood offers an Eco Adventure Tour that entails a 3-hour guided tour of a Carolinian forest. Along the way, you'll come across a suspension bridge, treetop park, forest zipline and several cool caves.

5. Arcade games

Great Canadian Midway

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The Great Canadian Midway in Niagara Falls' iconic Clifton Hill is a 70,000-square-foot facility that features over 300 classic carnival and arcade games. Work your way through all of them and collect enough tickets to get prizes!

4. Luxury wilderness camping

Outpost Co.

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Outpost Co. features a set of luxury tents that take the camping experience to the next level. Get in touch with nature while indulging in great food, beautifully-decorated spaces and fun outdoor activities.

3. Scenic train ride

Agawa Canyon Tour Train

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The Agawa Canyon Train Tour takes you on a scenic ride through Ontario's iconic Agawa Canyon. Passengers will get to explore the nearby parks and take photos of the area. 3- to 4-night packages are also available.

2. Northern Lights tipi tenting

Gordon's Park

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Gordon's Park in Manitoulin Island is a dark sky reserve that has clear skies for viewing the Northern Lights. Guests can choose to spend the night in authentic tipi tents, or in one of their wooden cabins.

1. Secret swim

Bathtub Island

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Bathtub Island in Lake Superior Provincial Park is a natural encasement of water that resembles a bathtub. The shallower waters make for a warmer swim, and the lack of crowds offers a decent amount of privacy.