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8 Black Desserts In Toronto To Match Your Soul

Embrace the darkness.

The latest food craze in Toronto is none other than charcoal and gothic inspired masterpieces, and with an array of different black treats to choose from, you too, like Darth Vader, can embrace the dark side.

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Here are eight really cool dark treats you can get in the city and where you can find them!

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Charcoal Dipped Ice Cream @ Cutiepie Cupcakes & Co. // 235 Spadina Ave. #2

These cones are mini sized and super cute, but dipped in a berry flavoured charcoal shell. A perfect food accessory for being badass.

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Charcoal Soft Serve and Cone @ iHalo Krunch // 915 Queen St. W

These cones are double goth! With super dark charcoal soft serve in a black charcoal cone, this is the first shop of it's kind in Toronto. You can also add a little twist with matcha or taro soft serve, or just go all black everything!

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Kraken Rum Black Gelato @ Death in Venice // 536 Queen St. W

This Toronto gelato shop features a flavour of gelato that's as black as your heart was after that rough breakup last summer. This gelato is also produced with local dairy (and Kraken rum, bonus!), so it's perfect if you have a little drop of love left in you for the local community.

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Charcoal Black Sesame Waffle @ Light Cafe // 23 Baldwin St.

Okay this waffle though! Finally something both fluffy and delicious. The waffles are cut into heart shapes and being goth has never looked this cute!

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Charcoal Croissant @ Bake Code // 4910 Yonge St.

The Bake Code features a charcoal croissant for those of you dark souls who are looking for a treat that isn't something sweet. You can jazz it up and get it toasted with cheese or matcha custard if you'd like!

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The Black Mamba Margarita @ The Carbon Bar // 99 Queen St. E

This one's for the dark and brooding lovers of alcohol (aren't we all?). The black mamba margarita is sure to satisfy your dark soul after a long day. It's a margarita with a charcoal twist!

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Black Velvet Cupcake @ Bunner’s Bake Shop // 244 Augusta Ave.

These cupcakes are like red velvet cupcakes but only better! The LBD of cupcakes, it features extra dark cocoa to give its super dark appearance. When you bite in, expect a chocolatey experience that takes you into the afterlife!

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Best Freaking Cookie @ Momofuku Milk Bar // 190 University Ave.

What's better than a cookie with all things chocolate? All of those things except for it being dark chocolate! Unicorn treats and your average chocolate chip cookie can be pretty overrated right?

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Charcoal Green Lemonade @ Fresh // 894 Queen St. W

The charcoal green lemonade is perfect for any dark and mysterious person who cares a fair deal about their health. A perfect way to detox and cleanse the darkness in your soul by refreshing the black paint coat on the insides of your heart!