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8 Groupons To Take Advantage Of If You're New To Toronto

Toronto can seem like a pretty daunting place for those who are new to the city.  With all the bars, restaurants, outdoor spaces, and activities going on in the city, it can be hard to find a place to start!

If you're new to the city, and you're looking to experience Toronto to it's fullest check out the list of Groupons below.  These Groupons will give you discounted admission to different Toronto attractions and sweet deals on activities around the city.

It will be hard for you to not fall in love with the city after taking advantage of these experiences.  Enjoy!

1. Visit the Aga Khan Museum

The Aga Khan Museum is one of the first North American meseums that is dedicated to the arts of Muslim civilizations! This Groupon will provide you with half priced admission for yourself and your family!

Original Price: $50.00

Savings: 46%

Groupon Price: $27.00

Available: Limited time remaining!

Buy Here.

2. Distillery District Walking Tour

If you haven't been to the Distillery District yet, a walking tour is an awesome option. If you like cute cafes, artsy boutiques, amazing restaurants you'll love the distillery district. Plus a walking tour is great excise.

Original Price: $44.00

Savings: 30%

Groupon Price: $31.00

Available: Limited Time Remaining!

Buy here!

3. Power Boat Rental

This is an awesome way to see those Toronto #views Drake was talking about. This Groupon will get you a 1 and half powerboat rental where you'll get to take in Toronto from every angle, as well as enjoy some time on the water!

Original Price: $103.50

Savings: 33%

Groupon Price: $69.00

Available: Limited time remaining!

Buy here!

4. Movie and Snacks for One or Two

If you've just moved chances are you're pretty stressed. Unpacking, organizing and budgeting for new items can be super annoying, so why not unwind with a movie and popcorn. Fox Theatre in the Toronto Beaches is offering half priced movies and snacks, so take advantage and treat yo'self.

Original Price: $19.50

Savings: 51%

Groupon Price: $11.00

Available: Limited time remaining!

Buy here!

Photo cred -@Groupon

5. Treat Yourself to a Manicure in Little Portugal 

Finding a new nail salon in a new city is always a gamble. Make it less of a risk by trying a cheaper alternative by talking advantage of this Groupon. Who knows, maybe this place will become your go to!

Original Price: $30.00

Savings: 52%

Groupon Price: 15.00

Available: Limited time remaining!

Buy here!

6. Half-Day Rock Climbing Tour

Explore what the outskirts of the city has to offer! Rock climbing is a great way to get a new perspective of the city and it's surrounding area. Plus there will be some awesome photo opportunities!

Original Price: $170.00

Savings: 43%

Groupon Price: $99.00

Available: Limited time remaining!

Buy here!

7. Sip & Sail Cruise Around Toronto

If you're looking to experience Toronto and meet a few new people, a boat cruise is an awesome option. You'll get to be out on the water, taking in Toronto's picturesque views while sipping cocktails with tons of other Torontonians. There is no better way to end off your first summer in the six!

Original Price: $20.00

Savings: 25%

Groupon Price: $15.00

Available: Limited time remaining!

Buy here!

8. 10 Yoga Classes/ 1 Month of Unlimited Yoga Classes

If you've just moved to the west end, Moksha Yoga in Etobicoke is offering discounted memberships and classes! Taking a workout class is an awesome way to blow off steam from your busy work/school week and meet new people in your area!

Original Price: $180.00

Savings: 73%

Groupon Price: $49.00

Available: Limited time remaining!

Buy here!

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