8 Hidden Gems You Can Find In The PATH

Don't commute on an empty stomach.

As much as we hate to admit it, once summer is officially over in Toronto we know that winter is only a few short weeks away. We can already feel it in the air, as the weather gets a bit too breezy and the number of blanket scarfs seem to suddenly appear on every girl’s neck. Before we all run into hibernation, you better familiarize yourself with one of the few things Toronto was smart enough to invest in. That’s right…the underground PATH!

Like most true Torontonians, I have a love-hate relationship with this sacred place. I’m either lost, over-heated, or feeling completely out of place because I’m not wearing a suit like everyone else during the lunch rush. If you’ve ever felt this way, we got you covered. Soon you’ll be the one telling everyone the best places to hit up that they didn’t even know existed.

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1. Sam James Coffee Bar

Located right at St. Andrew’s TTC station, this is the ideal location for thousands of pedestrians walking by every day. Sam James Coffee Bar does not disappoint, constantly fuelling that essential caffeine fix during the work week. Craving it on the weekend? It’s okay, SJCB has 4 other locations across Toronto to keep you going until that dreaded Monday morning!

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2. Greenhouse Juice Co

Fresh pressed juice and juice cleanses are all the rage. Everyone has been jumping on this bandwagon and this Toronto-based company is running the game in The 6ix. I’m sure you have seen their signature greenhouse logo all over the city, but did you know that they have their very own retail location located in the PATH? There is a Greenhouse Juice Co located in the Commerce Court and another in First Canadian Place, part of IQ Foods.

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3. IQ Foods

Speaking of IQ Foods, if you’ve never heard or tried it out, what have you been doing? Each of their locations are bright, open, and super vibrant. Their food selection and quality definitely match the atmosphere of the room. IQ is another Toronto-based company that is striving for healthier meal options, and we are ready with open arms.

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4. Maman

This place is so aesthetically pleasing, you might not know what to do with yourself – or at least how that’s I felt the first time I found this place. It’s not exactly located underground in the PATH, but it’s located in the upper terrace of the food court in First Canadian Place. Originally founded in SoHo New York, Maman is inspired by the beauty of France and you can tell with their delicate food and drink options.

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5. Jelly Modern Donuts

This is not like your usual Tim Horton’s donut. If you’re in the mood to splurge and treat yourself to something a bit more gourmet, Jelly Modern Donuts is the ideal Friday pick-me-up. It’s located in Brookfield Place, on their concourse level. They have a full variety of flavours; everything from your classic jelly, maple bacon, red velvet, and even had a special surprise donut of the month. Whatever your craving, Jelly Modern Donuts will satisfy that sweet tooth.

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6. deKEFIR

Kefir is made from milk and kefir grains, similar to how yogurt is made, but made with a variety of bacteria and yeasts that are gentler on your stomach. deKEFIR has taken this simple product and transformed it into a lifestyle. Giving you the option to customize your own parfaits, soft-serve, and even their own spin on the classic buttermilk waffle! Too busy? Fuel yourself up with a Kefir smoothie. Eating healthy has never been so convenient.

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7. Soup Nutsy

We’re all about satisfying comfort food. If that doesn’t scream a nice hot soup on a cold winter afternoon, I don’t know what does. Soup Nutsy has taken the concept of serving soup and turned into a decadent meal choice with endless options. Seriously, I was dumbfounded just looking at all the different types of soups they had. Feeling really hungry? Add a sandwich or salad to your soup to feel full all day long.

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8. Kupfert & Kim

Let’s face it, we’re always telling ourselves to eat healthier and cleaner, without breaking the bank. Kupfert & Kim understands and has delivered a diverse menu to back it up. This place is ideal if you have food sensitivities or allergies, as all of their products are vegan and gluten free! Each bowl is different with its own unique flavour. They have four locations in the PATH alone, so you know they’re up to something good.

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Bonus: Brookfield Place

Not exactly a hidden gem, but this is a landmark that you definitely need to take a moment and soak in that architecture. Situated in the middle of the Financial District, Brookfield Place can sometimes get overlooked during the everyday hustle and bustle of Toronto. It is home to a number of big name corporate offices, the Hockey Hall of Fame, and of course provides you direct access to the PATH.