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8 Hikes In Ontario That Take You To Amazing Lookout Views

Also known as your Insta's summer feed.

Presented by Alcon Canada

Oh, Ontario! Not only is Ontario home to some of the country's biggest cities like Toronto and, of course, Canada's very own capital city of Ottawa, but it's also home to the most beautiful natural wonders.

Of course, somewhere like Niagara Falls immediately comes to mind, but if you wanna skip the casinos and endless throngs of tourists and actually enjoy some greenery, Ontario is brimming with plenty of destinations.

From beautiful canyons and cliffs to scenic beaches and even islands, there's no shortage of breathtaking sights to see in Ontario.

For those of us who wear glasses, this is easier said than done. Nothing's more annoying than pausing a hike to push your glasses back up the bridge of your nose; missing something because your lenses are filthy; or, worse, the anxiety of losing or breaking your key to viewing the world.

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And with so many incredible sights to love in Ontario, you're definitely going to want to SEE IT ALL™!

Take it all in at Temagami Fire Tower

Where: Caribou Mountain

Prepare for a natural high ‘cause that’s how good the view from Temagami Fire Tower really is. Standing on the summit of Caribou Mountain, the tower is 100 feet tall.

Once used as an actual fire lookout in the days of yore, Temagami scores a whopping five stars on TripAdvisor. You guys, the view is that epic, so take a look for yourself!

Check out the Cheltenham Badlands

Where: Caledon

This insanely epic lookout point is a designated spot for those wanting to check out local Ontario badlands. Guys, it’s quite literally one of Ontario’s geological treasures.

Fun fact: The term “badlands” refers to an area of soft rock completely devoid of soil. The result is a rolling landscape and a reddish hue. In other words, it makes for a totally Insta worthy moment — no filter required.

Prepare to be impressed by the Ouimet Canyon

Where: Thunder Bay

If you want to feel both small and incredibly accomplished at the same time, Ouimet Canyon is the place for you. The canyon itself is a super impressive sight to see, measuring 100 metres deep and 150 metres wide.

You can access the view via a short trail through Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park, which leads to two different lookouts. Although it might not be as much of a hike as other spots on this list, trust, the view is more than worth the short trek! Oh, and pro tip for those of us who wear glasses? Leave your glasses in their case and take your contact lenses with you for ultimate comfort and clear vision. You absolutely don't want to miss any sights because of a smudge on your glasses!

Discover the scenery at Dorset Scenic Lookout Tower

Where: Township of Algonquin Highlands

Located just north of the Village of Dorset, the Dorset Scenic Lookout Tower not only provides a breathtaking view, it also has a ton of history, too.

The original tower was actually built in 1922 and used as a fire lookout until the ‘60s. The current tower was built around that time and now stands at 100 feet tall! The observation deck is actually 465 feet above Lake of Bays — so basically, a view that’ll make you feel like you’re floating among the clouds!

Peep the panoramic views at Dundas Peak

Where: Spencer Gorge Conservation Area

Guys, Dundas Peak is just an hour outside of Toronto, meaning it makes a great day trip when you need to take a peek at nature!

But the fun doesn’t stop there. After you’ve gotten your fill of what is a truly beautiful view of Ontario foliage, you can check out the always popular Tew’s Falls, which is Hamilton’s tallest waterfall!

Enjoy a hike with a view at the Bruce Peninsula

Where: Bruce County

True, at this point everyone and their mom knows about Bruce Peninsula. But guys, there's a reason for that: This spot is, straight up, a gorgeous sight for your eyes to behold.

You can get here through a hike along the Bruce Trail, Canada's longest marked hiking trail (it's almost 900-km long, btw). Once you've arrived, you can set up camp, go fishing, or even explore a few the area's many nature reserves!

Get higher than ever before at Manitoulin High Point

Where: Cup and Saucer Trail, Manitoulin Island

This super scenic view starts with a 350-metre climb to the highest point on Manitoulin Island. The highest point means the best views. Especially since this trail and lookout point score 4.5 stars on TripAdvisor.

And if you’re wondering why it’s called the Cup and Saucer Trail, the higher point (i.e. the cup) is perched on the lower point (i.e. the saucer formation). Oh yeah, and don’t forget your camera so you can prove to people you’re both a photo genius and a geo nerd.

Explore a different POV from 1000 Islands Tower

Where: Lansdowne

Cop a view of Ontario’s infamous 1000 Islands and the St. Lawrence River. Don’t worry, fit fam: There’s an elevator to take you all the way to the top (and it only takes 40 seconds!).

The 1000 Islands Tower has three observation decks that sit 400 feet above the St. Lawrence River. There’s even a tour guide to answer all of your burning questions and, ya know, snap a pic of you and your crew.

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Ontario's got some serious natural beauty. And although it makes sense to want to take it in from an equally gorgeous vantage point, the truth is that all you need to do to witness it is, well, look around.

Thanks to Alcon DAILIES TOTAL1® Contact Lenses, you can hike, travel, explore, and SEE IT ALL™ with absolutely nothing getting in your way. These lenses are designed for crisp, convenient, and comfortable vision. So, hiking fanatics, prepare to see the world the way it was meant to be seen!

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