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8 Iconic Individuals That People From Scarborough Will Recognize

The local celebrities of Scarberia.

Like any city, Scarborough has its own set of local celebrities. Such individuals are simply ordinary people who have become staple figures in the community overtime. Living in Scarborough definitely wouldn't be the same without seeing their familiar faces around the city.

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If you grew up in Scarborough or currently live there, you're bound to recognize some of the following Scarborough icons:

Punch Sockalingam

You know you're from Scarborough when every bus you're stuck behind has a Punch Sockalingam advertisment. Yes, that's his actual name indeed, and it served him quite well in his job as a real estate agent. I mean, if his name wasn't Punch, he wouldn't be able to register his contact phone number as 416-PUNCH-ME, which is legendary. Lately, he's taken an interest in politics, and is currently running for City Councillor in Ward 42.

James Loader

Movie-goers in the Scarborough are bound to know James Loader, the legendary man who worked in several movie theatres across the city for 55 years (ever since Cedarbrae Cinemas was still open). James was the friendly face you'd encounter standing at the theatre podium, ripping people's tickets and always having a smile on his face. Sadly, James died from heart failure last year at the age of 83, but his legacy will forever be remembered by the community.

Brad Duguid

A Woburn Collegiate alumnus and Scarborough native, Brad Duguid is a Liberal politician who has been in and around the community for years. He represents the riding of Scarborough Centre and is known for his work on community safety issues and affordable housing. Many are probably familiar with his bright red campaign signs that often dominated people's lawns in years past.

Raymond Cho

Another well-known politician in Scarborough is the PC representative Raymond Cho, who just recently won the Scarborough by-election. His win has broken a longstanding Liberal streak, becoming the first Conservative MPP for Scarborough-Rouge River since 1999. Before then, Raymond served as a veteran city councillor for several years.

Photo cred - johnnys_hb

Peter from Johnny’s Hamburgers 

If you want the most authentic, charbroiled burger you've ever had in your life, you must head over to Johnny's Hamburgers. And when you do go, make sure to ask for Peter, the restaurant's expert griller. He's been working at Johnny's for over 30 years now and has become a beloved figure in the community. Many people are probably familiar with the spot as Stan Mikita's, the classic fictional hangout that appears in Mike Myers' Wayne's World movies.

Johnny from Johnny’s Shawarma

Johnny's Shawarma probably makes the best shawarma in the entire city, and I'm not the only one who thinks so. Johnny, the guy who runs the place, is one of the kindest people you'll ever meet, and his staff always ensures fast and friendly service. The restaurant recently released a new app that will help you skip line ups and just pick up and go, but make sure you still say hi to Johnny when you visit!

Uncle Wally 

For 38 years, Wally Lee has served the Scarborough community as a high school PE teacher and daycare supervisor. Families who frequent the Bridlegrove Day Care Centre in the Pharmacy and Finch area know him as Uncle Wally, and he's been praised for the sheer passion he had for nurturing and taking care of children. He only recently retired this year, on Feb 3.

Mr. Jebba

Many high school students, especially those in the Catholic schools, will remember Mr. Jebba, the quirky supply teacher who always knew how to make class interesting. A stickler for the rules, Mr. Jebba made sure every kid was kept in line with a characteristic point of his finger.

This list is far from comprehensive. Which other iconic individuals in Scarborough do you know?

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