8 Jobs That You Didn't Know Could Make You A Millionaire

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8 Jobs That You Didn't Know Could Make You A Millionaire

We all hope to have multiple zeros in our bank accounts one day, but the question is how do you do it? There are obvious occupations like surgeons and corporate lawyers who have a 6 figure incomes or more but that takes them about 10+ years to achieve with all the schooling.

Our generation is quite fortunate because there are several paths available to making a successful career. There are endless amounts of opportunities to make millions, perhaps that you didn't even know of. Thanks to the development of technology and the internet, millennials are much more fortunate than their parents back in the day.

For your own interest and perhaps a potential career change, here's a list of 8 jobs you didn't know could score you millions:

1. Instagram Celeb

There's a huge advantage for millennials to progress in their careers, that is with the help of the internet of course. Is your Instagram aesthetic on point? Do you have a life full of adventures and photo capturing moments? Are you proud of your fit body? Perhaps you should consider making money off your Instagram posts. One of the most prime examples is Jen Setler, who has the most perfect booty on Instagram. The 21 year old started posting her workout results on Insta and now she makes approximately $50,000 for every sponsored post if not more.

2. Youtuber

Some of the most famous individuals have established themselves via Youtube - hello Justin Bieber. If you establish a loyal fan base, for example 1 million subscribers - they'll make a minimum of $300,000 and the numbers can increase up to $2.6 million. Lilly Singh, a Toronto native who is known as Superwoman on Youtube, made Forbes list of the highest paid YouTubers of 2016 with a total net worth of $7.5 million US.

3. Professional Gambler

Um, have you seen Dan Bilzerian's posts on social media? The guy made his $$$ as a professional poker player and is currently worth about $150 million. He says he earned $50 million in a 12-14 month span while playing poker. If you've got a little bit of numbers to spare in the bank account, a ton of luck, know the game and aren't scared to take risks - perhaps one day you'll become a millionaire.

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4. Software Architect

The median annual pay for a software architect is approximately 98k and a top paying job may score you $140k per year. Think about Bill Gates, the man is worth $ 84.2 billion US. Software Architecture has been rated one of the most highest paying jobs in the world of technology at this present day.

5. Inventor

Got a cool idea or product? Sell it! You never know what you'll make out of it. Take the Slinky for example, Richard James earned $250 million off this simple colorful spring that is the most basic invention ever.

6. App Developer

An app designer has the potential to make a load of money. For instance, Supercell employees are worth more than $ 5 million, owing to the fact that the Clash of Clans gaming app generates approximately $654,000 per day in sales.

7. Air Traffic Controller

An air traffic controller can be a very stressful job because you are responsible for the lives of many people, but your hard work is rewarded in numbers. The average salary is about 80 k and there's much room for potential to make $150,000 a year.

8. Investment Banker

On average an investment banker will make around 80 k a year and their salary can go up to $360,000. They work long hours between 80 and over 100 a week, but it sure pays off. A huge part of their income comes from their annual bonuses and the role they part take in. A managing partner or director can make anywhere in between 500k and 20 million dollars. I mean, look at Leo in Wolf Of Wall Street...He made a couple of bucks after all.