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8 London Study Spots To Check Out When Weldon Is Packed

For when a 5th floor cubicle is not just not happening.
8 London Study Spots To Check Out When Weldon Is Packed

So you've made it halfway through the semester without losing your mind. It's not an easy feat, so let us just take a second to say that we're proud of you guys! The end is on the horizon, so just keep on keepin' on, we believe in you!

Better yet, we want to help. When you're drowning in midterms, the last thing you want to have to worry about is finding somewhere to study.

Whether you go to Western, King's, Huron, Brescia, or Fanshawe, we all have one thing in common: our perpetual journey for study space. It's always been tough to get a cubicle at Weldon, but in years past, one needn't look much further than Taylor or the Law Library. But every year, it gets harder and harder to find study space on campus altogether.

Here's where we come in. We've gone and scouted some off-campus locations in London near Western where you can get a study spot without having to wake up at 6AM to beat the masses (ahem, Weldon).

1. The Hub // 1139 Richmond St

This first study spot is in a prime location relative to the Western campus, you'll find it right outside the gates! The Hub has ample seating and abundant food options, so you can't really go wrong.

Free Wifi:

Volume: In the morning and early afternoon The Hub is pretty quiet, so it's a great daytime study spot. However, bear in mind that they do play music! I know that people either can't study with music, or they can't study without it, so definitely something to consider!

Additional Amenities: Restrooms, Subway, YoYo's Frozen yogurt, sushi, Richmond street bus stop

2. Farm Boy // Multiple Locations

All of the London Farm Boy locations have designated eating areas, but they are almost always vacant! Also, they are pretty distanced and closed off from the rest of the grocery store so you won't constantly be distracted by the beeping noise of a grocery clerk scanning items or smell of freshly baked bread.

Free Wifi:

Volume: Fairly quiet

Additional Amenities: Hot food bar, salad bar, coffee, snacks, restrooms, free parking lot

3. Coffee Culture // Multiple Locations

Coffee Culture café is classic student go-to. With comfortable booths, accessible coffee and snacks, and a patronage of mostly students, this spot will give you all you need to get shit done.

Free Wifi:

Volume: Silent

Additional Amenities: Coffee, sandwiches, pastries, comfortable booths, accessible outlets, restrooms

4. London Public Library // 251 Dundas St

Low and behold, London has its own library beyond the gates of Western and Fanshawe! If you require a very typical library scene to stay focused and productive, head over to the London Public library. Seating is ample, and there are even some private study rooms!

Free Wifi: With a library card

Volume: Silent

Additional Amenities: Academic resources, accessible outlets

5. William's Fresh Café // 578 Richmond St

Although it is already a pretty popular study spot for students, it's still easier to get a seat here than at Weldon. And it's much closer for the downtown dwellers. Also, they have some pretty great food and coffee!

Free Wifi:

Volume: Quiet, almost silent

Additional Amenities: Food, coffee, accessible outlets, restrooms, Richmond Street bus stop

6. Ritual Café // 349 Talbot St

Simple and largely unknown, the Ritual Café is almost always vacant. You're guaranteed to get a spot, and you're guaranteed to get fresh fare, too! They offer tons of delicious homemade baking that you've got to try!

Free Wifi:

Volume: Fairly quiet

Additional Amenities: Coffee, pastries, restrooms

7. Starbucks // Multiple Locations

What can I say about Starbucks that you don't already know? With incredible coffee and plentiful seating, Starbucks caters to students in every which-way. The only thing is that it can be quite noisy. However, it's the type of noisy that results as a collective effort of many voices, one that produces a muted effect. There are at least two Starbucks' along Richmond, and at least one along Wharncliffe, so they're super accessible if you're bussing!

Free Wifi:

Volume: Varies from quiet to loud, and everywhere in between

Additional Amenities: Coffee, food, restrooms, Richmond Street bus stop

8. Fire Roasted Coffee // 105 King St

Fire Roasted Coffee is pretty new to London, and with its artisanal coffee and European decor, it has done a great job of drawing in a largely student clientele. Perhaps because they've integrated a side-section (see: top left in the photo) which is siphoned off from the rest of the shop, and is usually completely comprised of students getting work done and being very, very quiet.

Free Wifi:

Volume: Ranges from quiet to silent

Additional Amenities: Coffee, food, restrooms

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