Not as heavy as poutine or a burger, fries have always been there for us. As a loving side-bish side-dish. They are absolutely delicious and very underrated for the amount of joy they bring to people all over the world.

All over Toronto, restaurants crank out their best potats for us to munch on. These top 8 are said to be some of the city's favourites. Flip through and see for yourselves.

1. Cluny Bistro // 35 Tank House Lane

Thin, French, crisp. If you are what you eat, then I'm chowing down.

2. WVRST // 609 King St. W

Fried in duck fat, and served in a cute little cone, these fries are to die for. Check out their dirty fries or sausages if you have a little more time and room in your stomach.

3. Holy Chuck Burgers // 1450 Yonge St.

Chuck me, these fries are crazy. Holy Chuck goes IN with the creamy feta fries. They also have their Holy Chuck fries - not unlike a bacon cheeseburger - AND a Nutella fry option.

Photo cred - @fidelgastros

4. Lisa Marie // 628 Queen St. W

Pad Thai fries over guys. These unique little frites from Lisa Maria will have you asking for a shovel instead of a fork.

5. Banh Mi Boys // 399 Yonge St.

You might've had their pork belly sandwiches, but the kimchi fries are where it's at.

6. The Clubhouse Sandwich Shop // 455 Spadina Ave.

These little guys may not look like much, but they're triple-fried peanut oil crunch has them down as some of the best fries in the city! Can't mess with a classic.

7. Beerbistro // 18 King St. East

Double fried & double the flavour with duck AND beef fat. How 'bout a draft beer to wash'em down?

8. Moo Frites // 178 Baldwin St.

Betcha thought this was a Sweet Jesus pic. But no, just delicious fries piled up into cones. Moo Frites will hit you with whatever you're feeling that day - even Smores fries. Do it for the fries, guys.

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