We all know The Raptors are the only Canadian team in the NBA.

The 6ix has always cheered for the Toronto team, but thanks to Drake's partnership, the squad's rep has been at its highest point.  And while, the OVO brand generates a lot of support for the team , we would like to take a minute to recognize a couple of girls from the Raptors Dance Pak for hyping up the crowd with their sexiness at every game.

1. Kalina//Instagram: @drkalso

2. Nina// Instagram: @ninapizans

Photocred - LinkedIn

3. Mahta // Instagram: @mindovermahta

4.Lindsay//Instagram: @lindzyanoz 

4. Mariah// Instagram: @the_mariah

5. Stefanie// Instagram: @stefaniebruno

6. Nicole// Instagram:@nicwalt

Photocred - @seanpollock

7. Leah// Instagram: @speroleah

8. Morgan// Instagram: @morgan_thorne_

Who's your favorite dancer on the court?