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8 Of The Most Incredible Toronto Airbnbs To Rent Right Now

Sometime's you just need to get away, and while many of us don't have time or money to jet off to Europe on a whim, sometimes you don't need to leave Toronto for a vacay.

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So why not give Airbnb a try? It's the perfect place to look for an amazing Toronto place for a special occasion, or perhaps if you're not from DT and want to save money on a cab, or maybe you're just sick of your house and need a change. Whatever the reason, you NEED to rent one of these incredible Airbnbs ASAP!:

1. Brand-New Yorkville Sub-Penthouse 

$117 per night- 1BRM, 2 GUESTS

Photo cred- Airbnb

2. Stunning 2 Bedroom Loft

$273 per night- 2 BRM, 4 Guests

3. Elite 3Bedroom+3Bathroom 1400 Sq ft

$249 per night- 3 BRM, 10 Guests

Photo cred- Airbnb

4. "A Bright Corner Of Serenity"

$310 per night- 2 BRM, 4 Guests

Photo cred- Airbnb

5. Ultimate Yorkville Luxury

$250 per night- 2 BRM, 4 Guests

Photo cred- Airbnb

6. Amazing Penthouse w Hot Tub & Pool!

$496 per night- 2 BRM, 4 Guests

Photo cred- Airbnb

7. Luxurious 2 Bedroom Lakeview Apt

$250- 2 DRM, 4 Guests

Photo cred- Airbnb

8. 1700 Sq ft Loft. Downtown Toronto

$345 per night - 1 BRM, 2 Guests

Photo cred- Airbnb

Prices and terms of occupancy are confirmed at the time of publishing, but they can change at any time.

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