8 Of The Richest People In Toronto And Their Jaw Dropping Worth

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8 Of The Richest People In Toronto And Their Jaw Dropping Worth

Photo cred - TheStar

It is pretty clear that Toronto is a booming city for successful people. People even move here from all across Canada just to further their careers based on the wide range of opportunity that the city has to offer.

With success, comes the cheddar - the dolla dolla bills, if you will. There are ton of very successful millionaires who call Toronto home but we're talking billions when we talk about these eight.

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Allan Slaight & Family

Worth: $1.97B

Allan Slaight has set his family up very nicely for their futures through investments. He was a major shareholder in the merger of satellite radio companies Sirius Canada and XM Canada, now referred to as SiriusXM. Gary Slaight, Allan's son, is the president of Slaight Communications and has large investments in the Toronto based websites, including online retailer Shop.ca.

Mitchell Goldhar

Worth: $2.1B

I bet you can name your nearest SmartCentre in a flash, probably has a Wal-Mart and a Tim Hortons? Well it is owned by this guy, Goldhar, the CEO of the real estate developer SmartCentres. Not only has he propelled himself into a billionaire but he has played a huge role in the invasion of Wal-Marts in Canada, increasing their income as well.

The Rogers Family

Worth: $7.4 billion

Doesn't need much explaining, just look at the insane amount you pay for your phone to work every month. The recent purchase of rights to Toronto sports broadcasting (for a whopping $167 million) and the re-launch of Hockey Night in Canada, among other Raptors and Toronto FC rights, the family has only continued to rake in an insane amount of money.

Galen Weston

Worth: $11.38 billion

Galen Weston, pictured above with the also successful former Ontario Lieutenant Governor Hilary Weston (who is the richest person in her native Ireland town, Emerald Isle), is the executive chairman of George Weston Ltd. aka the company responsible for global grocery stores such as Loblaws and Fortinos. You may be most used to the face of Galen Weston Jr, who appears in all the President's Choice commercials. Junior actually got himself in a little shit this year for suggesting that one day farmers’ markets “are going to kill people” in a speech in Toronto but they are still making bank.

The Thomson Family

Worth: $30.74 billion

Basically, they own anything and everything. They top any and all lists of the richest Canadians every single year, sitting at a whopping 30 + billion dollar worth. They have stakes in NHL team, the Winnipeg Jets, The Globe and Mail, and their ultimate breadwinning endeavour Thomson Reuters.

The Wallace McCain Family

Worth: $3.12 billion

Apparently frozen fries translate into billions of dollars. Wallace McCain, who passed away in May of 2011, is succeeded by his son Michael, now serving as president and CEO of McCain Foods and Maple Leaf Foods. His brother, J. Scott stepped down in June of last year, probably made enough money to retire way early.

Bernard Sherman

Worth: $3.5 billion

Sherman has made his billions selling drugs, the legal way. He is the sole owner of Canada's largest generic drug maker. It's a tough business, having to often convince regulators to let him market drugs, again legally. It's a ton of stress, I am sure but when you get to go home to your mansion and billions, probably worth it.

Carlo Fidani

Worth: $4.58 billion

A third-generation construction boss, he owns Orlando Corp, responsible for starting a massive bidding war when it sold it's upscale Bayview Village Mall. The British Columbia Investment Management Corp. ended up making the purchase for a mind boggling $500 million which made it the largest property deal done in 2013.

source - Canadian Business

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