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8 Of Toronto’s Hottest Male Bloggers To Check Out ASAP

When talking about males in the blogger world, some think of Instagram husbands and boyfriends. But, as the Internet grows and the world continues to revolve around hashtags, male bloggers are coming to the forefront of cyberspace. Whether the blogs focus on fashion, lifestyle, food etc., the male blogger demographic is quickly increasing in traffic and contributors.

Toronto's creators are as notable as it's creative space, especially when it comes to social media. Here are 8 of the best male bloggers that call T.O. home:

Photo creds - @globalgarcon

1.  Michael Biro //

Originally from Alberta, Michael Biro of Global Garcon knows a good angle when he sees one. An authority in clean silhouettes, he can make simple pieces shockingly chic. Biro is a well-rounded man: Think Givenchy, Cartier and Hermes mixed with Converse, H&M and Topman. With the sweetest arm candy, vast collection of ripped denim and a plethora of black tops, one can't help but want to cop his style. But, no one can do the light jeans and black sweater combo like Biro; or the leather jacket, the chambray shirt and the striped top.

Photo creds - @mr.danielocean

2. Daniel Ocean //

Just as fashionable as he is fit, Daniel Ocean is a master of many. Stylist, consultant, trainer, realtor and Insta-star are some of the highlights on his resume roster. One can't help but wonder how he does it all; Mr. Daniel Ocean proves there's no rest for the rad.

Photo creds - @jaystrut

3. Jay Strut //

The OG Toronto blogger-star has the most enviable social media. Tight with the Queen of fashion royalty, Donatella Versace, one can't help but wish to be a part of his squad. His feed is proliferating with LV monogram, Birkins and Love bracelets. Blogger by day and DJ by night, Mr. Strut won't be quitting his day job anytime soon. His all black ensembles are everything but mundane, e.g. deep v-necks, Balmain denim and YSL booties. Jaystrut epitomizes glamour while maintaining a quotidian flair, making him the ultimate life goals. This triple threat also sings! Fashion Hoe is perfect to get ready to and Temptation is the ultimate going out anthem.

Photo creds- @abhishekdekate

4. Abhishek Dekate //

First of all, click follow if you want to bless your insta-feed with editorial-esque flat lays, juxtaposing colours and cool street style. Dekate also runs @thecreativepantry, which bridges the love of food and community together. A polymath of the food and fashion world, Dekate is a must-follow.

Photo creds- @smcdm

5. Scott Markle //

Another foodie with an eye for aesthetic, Scott Markle is an architecture student, food blogger an coffee connoisseur. Don't expect the average avocado toast post: We're talking all the indulgences. Along with shots of sick ootd's, Toronto hotspots and unique flat lays, Markle's feed is the real inspiration board.

Photo creds - @arameginliyan

6. Aram Eglinliyan //

Aram Eginliyan of The Debonair Dude has some serious outfit inspo. Fusing preppy with punk with athleisure is Eginliyan's specialty. The King of accessories and sweet kicks, The Debonair Dude can go from street style to black tie real quick.

Photo creds - @christianconfidential

7. Christian Thompson //

Christian Thompson is a lifestyle blogger of the gods. This man can pull off jumpsuits, teal tracksuits and overalls like a boss. Jeans and a tee are his second skin and so are socks and sneakers. Click follow and thank me later.

Photo creds: @dothedaniel

8. Daniel Reyes //

Daniel Reyes is a lifestyle with a range of content and contributors. From Canada to the U.K., Reyes specializes in food, travel and nutrition. Scroll down on for meal inspiration, healthy lifestyle choices and fun events.

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